Agents of SHIELD Recap: Turn, Turn, Turn


Well this is one of the most anticipated episodes of Agents of SHIELD. Quick recap, Ward shot Thomas Nash who they thought was the Clairvoyant. Turns out the Clairvoyant is in SHIELD and SHIELD is currently controlling the plane. They found out about May’s secret phone. This episode contains Spoilers for Captain America: Winter Solider – since I have the movie, I will be making tie in references you have been warned.

(Spoilers – last warning this will contain some spoilers for Captain America: Winter Solider.)

The episode starts exactly where the last one left off with Coulson and Skye pointing guns at May.

Picture 3

May admits that she was calling Fury because Fury told her to her to. She would not say why because she was told not to say anything. Coulson and everyone is a bit skeptical especially after May tried to shoot Fitz. Coulson wants to know where the plane is going but May has no idea because she knows that SHIELD can take over the plane from HQ. May than questions Fitz why he was in the wall; we all know that Fitz was trying to talk to Simmons. Coulson wants to know whom Simmons is trying to talk to.


I should also mention that Garrett is chilling in the cockpit his own plane, I guess chilling while he flies off to grab Triplett.

Picture 2

But it is a good thing that he is because some planes fire at the him and Garrett has to maneuver out-of-the-way of them.

Simmons is at the Hub working on the blood samples from Skye. Triplett comes by to visit Simmons because we all know that he has a crush on her.

Picture 5

Triplett makes sure that Simmons is not keeping anything secret that could have help Agent Blake.

Picture 4

Simmons tells him that she is trying to contact Agent Weaver at the SHIELD academy to help her understand the samples better. Triplett offers to help her get access to an encrypted line with his level 6 access.

Coulson and Garrett band together between the two planes to shoot the two enemy planes that are firing at them out of the air.



Coulson asks Skye to gain access to she can figure out what is going on. They find message that shows the Hydra symbol – probably sent out from the Arnim Zola during Captain America.


Picture 9

Fitz thought that Hydra was gone but apparently, it wasn’t. May wants to help but Coulson will not trust her so he shots her with a night night gun.

Picture 6

Coulson then drags May into the interrogation room with Ward, where he tells Ward that May has been a sleeper this whole time.

Picture 7

Coulson had Fitz reroute some of the firepower so that he can help Garrett fight off some of the SHIELD drones that are firing on them. Coulson and Garrett fire back on the drones and save the plane.

Simmons get a hold about of Agent Weaver who is happy to see Simmons because the SHIELD academy is under attack from Hydra.

Picture 11

There are members of Hydra in the SHIELD academy. Agent Weaver warns Simmons to get out and say safe. Triplett than locks the door to the room – No Triplett not you. Triplett walks over to Simmons with a knife in his hand, he says that she might be a member of Hydra because of Coulson.

Picture 12

Triplett then hands the knife over to Simmons saying that if she uses it to kill him then he knows she is Hydra but is she doesn’t then she is good. Thank goodness Triplett is not Hydra because I like him.

Coulson tells May that her phone line has been reconnected and he needs her to call Fury like right now.

Picture 14

May calls Fury, only to have someone else answer the phone, which confuses May. When May asks where is Director Fury, she is told that Fury is dead.

agents-of-shield-May phone

As we all know from Captain America that Fury is “killed” by Hydra because he was a treat.  During this time the plane is fired upon by the SHIELD Agents at the hub and May takes one to the arm.

Ward is taken out of the interrogation room and he asks to be updated on what is happening.

Picture 13

Garrett gives him a quick run down about what has happened. Skye does everything that she can to back up the information that they have because if Hydra gets a hold of it that could lead to bad results.

Picture 17

Coulson patches up May where he asks her about everything. Apparently, May knew about TAHITI and was the one who assembled the team because she needed people there who could help Coulson if something happened.

Picture 15

Fury sent her there to watch Coulson kind of like Fury sent Agent 13 to watch over Cap. May admits that she cares about Coulson a lot and that she did this for him.

Picture 16

May was actually showing emotions I don’t know what to do because its odd.

Victoria Hand enters into the room where Simmons and Triplett are in, she tells them that Hydra has infiltrated SHIELD and that they will kill anyone who stands in their way.

Join Hydra

Join Hydra

I knew she was evil; I knew she had to be a part of Hydra after seeing Captain America. She offers Triplett and Simmons a chance to join Hydra. Triplett then punches a few people and holds one of her people at knifepoint telling her that if she kills them, then one of her people is going down with them.

Picture 20

Victoria Hand then tells them they passed the test proving that they are not Hydra. Wait that means that Victoria Hand is not Hydra, damn I was so sure about that. She tells Simmons that Coulson is Hydra – Coulson is not Hydra you lying bitch. Simmons defends Coulson but Victoria uses info to prove that he is and mention how he keeps secrets.

Ward, Garrett, Coulson, and Fitz all gear up to enter the Hub to get Simmons back. Poor May is handcuffed because no one trusts her. Agents from SHIELD enter into the bus to retrieve the team. They escaped using the same cutter that Fury and Captain America used in the movie, which was apparently invented by Fitz.

The team is moving around the hub, where I would like to remark that Coulson is actually wearing a bulletproof vest and no jacket. Skye and Ward go one way and Garrett, Coulson, and May got a different way. Ward and Skye have a moment where Ward pretty much tells her that he likes her and that he would like to go have drinks with her and talk.

Picture 22

Skye wonders why now and why he could trusts May. Skye was offering to talk not to have sex with him. It seems that Skye and Ward will be getting drinks if they survive this. Also Skye gives him a kiss because well you never know.

Agents of SHIELD Ward and Skye kiss

Garrett and Fitz bring Coulson and May towards a control room, where they let Garrett in because he has those two prisoner. Garrett then knocks out those guys and they look at the monitors trying to find Simmons.

Ward goes out to fight the guys outside of the room where he takes on about 12 guys who almost kick his ass but Ward manages to get the best of them.

Picture 24

I guess having the motivation of having drinks with the girl, you like helps.

Back in the control room, Garrett is telling Coulson how the SHIELD must go down because of the Clairvoyant, because of all the things that were done to them. In doing so Garrett mentions information about Rania that Coulson never said.

Picture 26

Coulson wonders how Garrett knew that information unless… no not Garrett. Then some Agent for SHIELD come into the room, where Garrett says I know some of you were placed by Sidwell, you know what to do.

Picture 27

As we all know from Captain America, Sidwell was a part of Hydra. The Agents that were put in place by Sidwell shoot the SHIELD Agents, (except Coulson, May, Fitz), Garrett says Hail Hydra.

Picture 28

Seriously, Garrett is Hydra, I didn’t like him at first but then he turned out to be all right guy. I didn’t want him to Hydra, he is Coulson’s friend and Ward’s SO.

Hail Hydra

Hail Hydra

Garrett now has Coulson, May and Fitz hostage, Garrett tells Coulson that he is sorry about this because he liked him.

Picture 30

Coulson can’t believe that Garrett had him tortured to get the information about what happened to him. Garrett knows that Coulson is all about SHIELD, just like he knew that May would follow Coulson anywhere. Garrett tells Fitz that he is going to be a big help to Hydra whether he wants to be or not.

You are going to suffer for what you have done and I will be a big part of it

You are going to suffer for what you have done and I will be a big part of it

Fitz tells Garrett that he will no join and that he can’t wait to help make Garrett suffer. Since Garrett is, Hydra does that mean Triplett is as well.

The room shakes and the lights dim because of a something that Ward and Skye set off.

Picture 32

Coulson and May go after Garrett and the Hydra Agents.

Picture 33Picture 35

Fitz goes off and hides, but as someone is about to kill May, Fitz shoots them with a gun. Garrett and Coulson are wrestling on the floor and it looks like Garrett might win but Fitz gets Coulson attention and throws him something.

Picture 38

Coulson takes the canister and sets it off; a blast of night night energy comes out throwing and stunning Garrett.

Picture 39Picture 37

At that moment, Agent Hand comes in and Coulson tells her he is not Hydra. Hand says that she heard everything.

Some SHIELD Agents escort Garrett away, which Triplett cursing him out in the background or at least I think he was since the scene was silent.

Picture 42Picture 43

That also means that Triplett is not Hydra, thank goodness because I kind of like him and Simmons. During the silent scene it Coulson tells something to Ward that seems to be bad, I am guessing that Coulson was telling Ward about Garrett.

Picture 45

Victoria Hand tells Coulson how Captain America destroyed HQ and how there is no more SHIELD. Hand is personally taking Garrett to the fridge or one of the other secret SHIELD holding cells.

Picture 46

Ward asks to accompany her because he feels that he should have known because Garrett was his SO. Hand agrees to let Ward accompany her.

On the Bus Coulson tells the team to help fix the holes and damage to the plane. May asks Coulson if this means that he want her to stay on the plane.


Coulson says he will keep her on as an ally because those are limited. It seems that Coulson’s and May relationship may never recover from this.

On the plane that is escorting Garrett, Hand mentions how where they are taking him might not be enough.

Picture 49

How maybe Garrett should be put somewhere deeper, so Hand asks Ward if he would like to shoot the real Clairvoyant this time. Ward gets up and takes his gun out; he shoots the two Agents next to Garrett and Victoria Hand.

Picture 51

WTF, seriously WTF Ward.

Picture 53

This episode was a series of WTF, they said it was going to be huge and intense and it was. Since I had seen Captain America, I knew some crazy huge stuff was going to go down. I was wondering how Hydra was going to affect things, I also thought Hand was Hydra because well I never liked her. It seems that she went after the team because she thought Coulson was Hydra. I guess I was wrong about Hand, I will admit I kept thinking she still might be Hydra until the very end.  Also I am so upset that Garrett is Hydra, I had actually begun to like his character. I liked his and Coulson’s friendship. Garrett is the Clairvoyant but more importantly the Clairvoyant is Hydra in a sense. Can we talk about Ward, seriously WTF; does this mean Ward is Hydra now? I hope not, I personally think Ward is just undercover.  Ward gave Coulson a look before he left with Hand and Coulson gave him a slight nod, so I think Ward is undercover.

Picture 47

If Ward really is joining Hydra, I am going to be so mad. If that does happens then can we replace him with Triplett, can Triplett join the team even if Ward is not Hydra. I am liking Triplett and he is cute with Simmons, he really likes her. Speaking of couples the Ward and Skye kiss, while the scene was a bit cheesy it was cute and perfect. Skye will be hurt if Ward becomes Hydra.

I am curious to see where the show goes from here, because SHIELD does not exist anymore. The team is heading to an underground SHIELD facility. I am guessing it might be the same place where Fury was recovering after he was shot, if there is an underground facility then why Hill and Agent 13 change jobs. I guess we will see what is going to happen; we know that Hill and Fury will be making appearances on the show.

Until next week.


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