Game of Thrones Recap: Two Swords

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Well Game of Thrones is back, I don’t know about you but I couldn’t be more excited. This season is the second half of Book 3 – A Storm of Swords, in my opinion the best of the books. I promise not to give away any spoilers. A lot happened last season the biggest things to happen were; Jaime’s hand got cut off, Arya is a crazy killer, and Robb and Cateyln were betrayed by the Frey’s and killed at a wedding.

The episode starts with sword makers taking Ice (Ned Stark’s sword) and melting it down.

GoT sword

IIIIIICCCCCEEEEE- NNNNNOOOOO (I had to have a dramatic moment there).

Tywin is talking to Jaime, well this can’t turn out well. Tywin is telling Jaime how he should go back to Castely Rock and rule there, since he cannot protect the King with only one hand. Jaime fights his father by telling him that he had been practicing with his left hand and that he wants to protect the King. We should also mention Tywin gave Jaime one of the swords made from Ice.

GoT Jaime and sword

It was like here is this awesome sword now go back home where you can’t use it. Also a Lannister should not have Ice, that is just disrespectful to the Starks. Tywin does not understand why Jaime would want to serve a King and not rule Casterly Rock thus causing Tywin to be the ass father we all know he is and disown Jaime.

Tyrion was sent to greet and bring Prince Oberyn Martell to King’s Landing.

Podrick being all awesome and knowing all the Dorish houses

Podrick being all awesome and knowing all the Dorish houses

As it would happen Oberyn Martell was not with the party of Dornish people just arriving. Apparently, Prince Oberyn Martell does not like big welcomes so he was not there.

GoT Dornish Welcome

The head Dornish guy did not bother to listen to anything else that Tyrion had to say as he and the rest of the party walk past right past Tyrion. Tyrion knows where Oberyn would go – to the brothel, of course Tyrion knows all the brothels.

Over at a brothel in Kings Landing – well Tyrion was right, Oberyn is chilling in the brothel with his paramour Elleria Sand. They are there picking out a whore that both of them will like.

GoT Oberyn choosing girl

Honestly there is something that can be said for a relationship where they pick out the extra partner together.

GoT Brothel

While Elleria is working on having fun with the whore that was picked out, Oberyn hears some laughing going on so he goes to investigate. Apparently, two members of the Lannister family are also in the brothel trying to have some fun.

aGoT lannisters brothel

Well Oberyn does not seem to like the Lannister’s and refuses to listen to Elleria when she tries to stop him. The men insult Oberyn and Elleria, which causes Oberyn to go over there and stick a knife into one of the guys hands.

GoT Oberyn stabbing

Before things can escalate, Tyrion and Bronn show up which causes some smart ass remarks from Oberyn. A few centered at Bronn who handles them in well Bronn snarky smartass fashion. I am really beginning to think that they give the best lines to Bronn. Tyrion escorts Oberyn out of the brothel, where Tyrion does his best to be nice to Oberyn but Oberyn will have nothing to do with Tyrion. Oberyn still have issues with what happened to his sister and her kids because of Tywin Lannister. Oberyn want to make sure that Tywin knows that Lannisters are not the only ones who pay their debts.

Back at the castle Jaime is getting a gold hand put on, one that Cersei had a lot of time and money go into.

"A hook would be more useful"

“A hook would be more useful”

Jaime is not very thrilled about his gold hand, but he accepts it nonetheless. The guy who made the hand leaves but not before he talks with Cersei which makes Jaime think that there might be something going on between them. Cersei assures him that nothing is going on and Cersei wonders why Jaime is staying in Kings Landing.

I am going to be a whiny brat and complain

I am going to be a whiny brat and complain

Jaime says he is staying so he can be near her, which then causes Cersei to turn into a whiny brat about how it took Jaime too long to come back to her. Jaime reminds her that he was held hostage but did everything he could to come back to her.

But Baby - no I will not hear your reasons

But Baby – no I will not hear your reasons

Cersei decides that she still wants to be a whiny brat, poor Jaime because he does actually care about her. Times like this make me doubt that Cersei actually cares about Jaime.

Shae is doing everything that she can to get Sansa to eat.

GoT - Sansa eat

Tyrion comes by and Shae tells him to make Sansa eat. Tyrion dismisses Shae and Sansa’s other lady in waiting so that he can talk with her. Shae takes a few moments to leave but eventually walks away. Shae is super jealous of Sansa, which is sad because Tyrion is not sleeping with her and Sansa does not want anything to do with Tyrion. Tyrion is just trying to make the best out of this horrible situation. Tyrion begs Sansa to eat something but Sansa can’t. All she thinks about is how her mother and brother were killed. I will give that one to Sansa, I don’t know if I could eat knowing that my father – in – law had my family killed.

GoT Sansa Tyrion

Tyrion knows that he cannot change what was done to her family but he does his best to comfort her by telling them that he respected her family. Tyrion goes out of his way to tell Sansa, “I admired your mother, even though she tried to have me killed, I admired her.” Sansa then gets up to leave because she likes to hide by the trees of the Old Gods because no one bothers her there.

Shae is laying Tyrion’s bed even though he has told her many times that she can’t do that.

GoT - Shae & Tyrion

Shae wants sexy time and Tyrion has not been able to give that to her lately.

GoT Shae and Tryion part 2

Shae asks Tyrion if he wants her there or if she should leave. While Tyrion does want her there, he cannot ignore the fact that he is married to Sansa and that there is a lot of problems/plots going on around Kings Landing. Shae does not like what Tyrion says and storms off, I wonder if this will bite him in the ass later, probably knowing Shae.

Up at The Wall the men of the Night Watch are practicing, while Sam tries to talk to Jon. Sam just wants to talk with Jon about everything but Jon is not in the biggest talking mood. Sam wants to help Jon feel better about things but Jon just can’t. I would also like to mention that we got to see Jon shirtless in this scene, I would be all right with seeing him shirtless more often. Jon stands before the Night Watch council to tell them about what happened with the Wildlings.

GoT - Jon and Counsel

Many of them have a hard time believing he was told to kill Half Hand by Half Hand and to join the Wildlings. Just like many of them do not believe him that many of the Wildlings have band together and are planning on attacking the wall. Jon might have helped his case if he had not told them about sleeping with Ygritte but he wanted to be honest. Thanks to Maester Aemon it seems that Jon will not be getting killed since he did not actually break rules in a treasonous way. Many of the counsel members are not happy with this call.

Speaking of the Wildlings Tormund was talking with Ygritte about how Jon should be dead if she really shot him with 3 arrows.

GoT - Wildlings

He knows that Ygritte is one of the best shots so if he is alive it is because she let him live. I guess that make Ygritte the Katniss Everdeen of the GoT universe. Also she must have really cared for Jon because he is well alive. Then Styr of the Thenn clan comes up to talk to Tormund. It seems that they might be joining with the Wildlings, but I would be wary of joining up with them because of the fact that they seem so be cannibalistic since they ate a human arm and all.

Margery is having a hard time getting ready for her wedding because her grandmother wants Margery to look her finest.

GoT Margery and Grandmother

Her Grandmother sends off the hundreds of cousins to help find Margery some suitable jewelry. Brienne comes up to Margery and her Grandmother because she would like a word with Margery. Margery’s Grandmother is just delighted to see/meet Brienne.

GoT - Brianne and Margery

The Grandmother is rather awesome because she just does not care anymore. Margery goes off with Brienne who tells Margery how Renly died. I am sure Margery has done everything that she can think of to not think about Renly and how he died. Brienne wanted Margery to know that it was Stannis and that Brienne did everything she could to save Renly.

Joffery does not pay attention during a strategy meeting that is going over the best way to defend the city. Joffery instead care more about how he looks.

GoT - Joffery

During this time, Joffery also attacks at Jaime for having only one hand. Joffery has all the snarky comments to make at Jaime; really, Jofferey is that any way to talk to your father.

Over in the free cities Daenerys is playing with her giant dragons, I mean they are pretty huge.


I'm just going to pet my dragon like its normal

I’m just going to pet my dragon like its normal

Two of the dragons come back with a dead goat or sheep that they fight over; Daenerys attempts to intervene but the Drogon hisses at her.

GoT Dragons and food

The dragon’s take off while Sir Jorah reminds Daenerys that dragons are not pets not even to their mother. Well it seems that Daenerys is having trouble controlling her dragons.

Daenarys is getting ready to leave but she cannot find Grey Worm and Daario, that is because they are too busy trying to see who will get the honor of riding by her side. Daenarys heads down to them, where she tells them that they will not be ridding beside her because that honor belongs to her two knights. She then informs the two men that they will be riding in back watching the livestock for making her wait.

GoT Grey Worm and Daarios

She makes sure they know that the last man still with a sword in his hand will be looking for a new Queen to serve. – I don’t think those two men could have dropped those swords faster. Later Daario tries to give Daenarys some flowers, which make her tell him that he is a step from walking with the livestock with no shoes on. Daario tells Daenarys that she must learn everything about the land in order to be an effective ruler, because while these plants are pretty they are also dangerous.

GoT Daarios and Daenarys

I am not sure how I feel about the recasted Daario, I kind of liked the other one better. As they are walking, they come across women who were tortured and posted up as mile markers.

GoT - mile marker

They try to make sure the girls are taken down before Daenarys can see them all because there is a girl as each mile marker; Daenarys says that she will see them all.

Brienne and Jaime talk about the vow that Jaime made to Catelyn to bring her daughters to her.

GoT - Brianne and Jaime

Jaime reminds Brianne that Catelyn is dead and no one has seen Arya. Sansa is married to Tyrion, which means she is a Lannister now, but Brianne does not think that means she is safe.

Sansa is on her way to visit the trees of the Old Gods when she is followed, well Brianne was right Sansa is not safe.

GoT - Sansa followed

Well Sansa was being followed by the knight turned fool that she helped save in the beginning of last season. He wanted to tell Sansa that he was grateful for what she did and he knows that he would be dead if it was not for her. He gives her a necklace that uses to be his mother and he begs her to take it because it is all he has.

GoT - Sansa necklace

Sansa takes the necklace promising to wear it with pride.

We finally are lucky enough to see Arya who is still traveling with The Hound. Ayra wants her own horse but The Hound does not trust her on her own. They come across a tavern where the guy who took Arya’s sword (Needle) is and he still has her sword. The Hound naturally makes fun of her sword’s name. Ayra decides that she wants her sword back and starts marching down there. The Hound then runs after Arya, I think he might need to put a leash on her. In doing so the guy sees them and they all go into the tavern. The guys who has Arya’s sword does not remember her at all but just sits there talking to The Hound.

GoT - Tavern

The guy is rude to the Hound, The Hound basically tells him if he keeps being rude then he (The Hound) is going to get a whole lot of free chickens. The guy who took Arya’s sword goes to fight The Hound, I think we all know this is a bad idea. The Hound fights off/kills most of the people in the tavern. Eventually Arya gets her hand on a sword and she joins in. Ayra really seems to like killing people. Eventually Arya get to the guy who took her sword where she reminds him who she is before she kills him.

GoT - Arya

Then Arya and The Hound run off into the sunset with The Hound eating his chicken and Arya on her own horse.

I got a pony

I got a pony

I have to say this was a good starter episode, it showed many of the fan favorites. It also did a great job of setting things up for the upcoming season; you can basically see where people’s heads are. I have to say I love the interaction between Bronn and Tyrion they are hilarious. Arya and The Hound are pretty interesting together so I am looking forward to seeing how their journey goes. I like the Dornish people so I am looking forward to seeing Oberyn this season. I really am not feeling the new Daario, while neither one followed the book description at least the old one was at least hot. This one just does not do it for me, but it’s probably the beard.

Who did we not see that we are wondering about well Bran and his mission behind The Wall. Gilly we have not seen her, how are her and the baby doing? Theon is he still being tortured – according to the previews yes. What is going on with Stannis and The Red Woman? Of course Davos because who doesn’t love Davos. Did Gentry make it from there safely? Also where was Ghost, I guess they can only afford to CGI one pet at a time.

A special thanks to Patty for most all of the screen shots – they were a huge help.

Until next week.

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