Rescuing the Magic Kingdom

Welcome to a quick (okay, not so quick) guide to helping to save the Magic Kingdom!


As all should be aware the Magic Kingdom is under constant threat of numerous Villains, the leader in this threat seems to be Hades, who has access to all villains alive and dead (a little creepy when you think about it too much).  Disney World is always on the look out for heroes to help save the Magic Kingdom.  If you’re a willing volunteer, unafraid the perils of villains and throngs of masses also attending the festivities of the Magic Kingdom, then you can become a Secret Sorcerer.

It’s a process just to get to the gates!

Once you’ve taken the ferry or the monorail over to the awe inspiring world of Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, you find yourself on the streets of Main Street USA.  If you’re lucky the first thing you’ll see will be a horse…


…and that horse will be pulling a car full of happy peppy singers…

…singers… so… much… pepp…

If you’re like me, once you’ve recovered from the frightened shock of the energy these positive creatures exude, and your eye has stopped twitching because it’s still just 9:00AM, you’ll want to make you’re way over to the Firehouse.

Once there, someone will give you a ‘key’ to unlock the villains and packs of cards to be used as attacks to help defeat the bad guys.

Be prepared!

The cards are actually part of an actual card game, each card having its own stats.

Yugi wishes he could call on a Disney princess

Apparently Aurora does something roses. Who does she think she is? Kurama?

They will also give you a map to direct you in where to go.  There are four realms under attack; Main Street, Fantasy Land, Adventure Land, and Liberty Square.

Try to remember the little symbols

Map! Part 2!

Each key sets you off on a different adventure (or at least a different order). Our first quest sent us off to Fantasyland.  Even with these maps, it takes a bit to get adjusted to where everything is. Fortunately there are guides willing to help point you in the right direction.  It gets a little sad when the grow’d ups can’t even figure out how to get to the first stop. I recommend holding the map up and looking completely lost and someone will come to your rescue within a few minutes.

Our first adventure set us to help Merlin who is on the trail of Ursula who has joined in cahoots with Hades. Remember to be on the look out for those keyholes! Just tap your keycard to the keyhole and you’ll start up a video (and confuse the hell out of people around you, probably the best part of the whole thing).

These bitches.

While you’re on these missions, it’s very important that you not get distracted by anything. Even if you are mere minutes from the Beast’s castle.

That top tower seems… odd…

It doesn’t matter how pretty the castle is…

Or how cool the statues are…

I call him Bob

or the fact that there’s a giant statue of the two dancing in the ballroom…

It’s like a life size music box!

or how awesome the commemorative glass is…

It lights up, guys!

or the fact that you can try the ‘grey stuff”

‘Seriously, it’s f’n delicious. Stop asking!’ -The Dishes

Anyway! Stay on target!  Remember you’re trying to save the Magic Kingdom!  Ooh! Gaston!

We shall a perfect pair rather like my thighs.

No! Save the Kingdom!

A mermaid is asking to be saved from a few feet of water, I see nothing wrong here.

Be ready with a card in hand so you can defeat the huns…wait…well, maybe in another quest. Sometimes they’ll ask that you use the magic crest on the back of the card.

What do you mean it was Ursula?!

Once you have used your cards to defeat the bad guys, you’ll be given congratulations on saving Merlin(or whoever you’re helping) and completing the quest.  You are given directions if you are interested in continuing to head over to another location and help someone else.

Once you have visited each of the four areas and completed the quests… you get sent to save the first area again.  So, yeah, we went through once because I’m not about that life.

I hope you have enjoyed this not so useful instruction guide in helping to save the Magic Kingdom. I highly recommend stopping by the firehouse for, if nothing else, free Disney themed cards!

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