Agents of SHIELD Recap: End of the Beginning


After a 2 weeks break we get an all new episode, I have to say I am happy that there will be no more breaks between episodes. Let’s recap last episode, well Lorelei escaped from Asguard and enslaved Ward. Lady Sif came down to bring Lorelei back to Asguard. While Ward was enslaved, we discovered that he cares about someone on the team who is not May.

This episode starts with Agent Garrett and Agent Triplett being attacked by Deathlok. I still don’t like his chest piece.

Agents - Deathlok, Garrett, Triplett

Deathlok attacking them makes Agent Garrett think that they are getting close to the Clairvoyant.

Victoria Hand, Agent Garrett, Agent Triplett, Agents Sidwell and Agent Blake all come aboard the Bus. Of course, most of them are wondering why they are there. Since the team knows that the Clairvoyant is on to them, Coulson has come up with a plan, where they do not tell everyone all the information so it is harder for the Clairvoyant to ‘see’ all the information. Coulson mentions that he has an amazing hacker who can help them. Victoria Hand mentions how she would have to be a SHIELD agent and Coulson says that is something else he wanted to discuss.

Fitz and Simmons are talking about how they cannot find anything in Skye’s blood and how they wish they could send the sample out. May over hears them and asks if either Coulson or Skye are showing any weird symptoms. Simmons tells her no and then May tells them to let her know if they do. What does May know? What was she sent there to find out?


The team meets with Skye, where Coulson presents her with a SHIELD badge, telling her that she earned it. Garrett mentions how she took 2 bullets which is more than Sidwell has. Coulson’s team congratulates her, even May and it was obvious that Ward likes Skye during this scene.

Skye gets her SHIELD badge

Skye gets her SHIELD badge

Skye thanks Ward for being a great SO

Skye thanks Ward for being a great SO

Victoria Hand and Sidwell will not be participating in the mission but Victoria agrees to monitor and help them from HQ. I wondering if Sidwell could not participate because he was busy on Captain America.  Skye then tells them that she will come up three different possible people who could be the Clairvoyant. Three teams of two people will go out after that person, she will only tell one member of that team where they are going and then send the information about the target to the other member of the team. This way only those team members know where they are and whom they are going after.

The Clairvoyant gives Deathlok a gift, a wrist gauntlet that at first kinda looked like the bracelets that Wonder Woman has. The Clairvoyant tells Deathlok that they are going to meet because the team is closing in on him.

Garrett and Skye finally meet officially because you know being in a coma doesn’t count, Garrett asks her how she is doing. Garrett then shows off his war wounds. Nothing says team bonding like showing off your war wounds.

Garrett and Skye officially meet

Garrett and Skye officially meet

Ward and Triplett are one team; Triplett says how he will kill the Clairvoyant when they find him. Ward reminds him that the mission is to bring in the Clairvoyant not kill him.


Triplett tells Ward how the Clairvoyant killed his partner, Triplett wonders if Ward would feel the same way if Skye hadn’t made it. Does everyone know that Ward likes Skye?

Coulson and Garrett are the another team; they are talking about a past mission that Garrett had completely forgot that Coulson was there.

Agents - Garrett Coulson

Also they are going after a female, I am pretty sure everyone has said the Clairvoyant is a male.

The third team is May and Blake, Blake is apparently nervous or something because he keeps trying to ask May if she is a Scorpio. Which prompts May to say, ‘you don’t believe in the Clairvoyant but you believe in Astrology.” May and Blake are going after Thomas Nash – once they are inside the building Deathlok shows up.

Hello Deathlok - thank you for letting us know we are on the right track

Hello Deathlok – thank you for letting us know we are on the right track

Well I am guessing that May and Blake are on the right track. Deathlok begins firing at them and May fires back with a gun, May is using a gun, I get shocked every time I see it happen. Deathlok goes after Blake and knocks him out. May calls to let them know that they have an Agent down and Victoria sends people.

We learn that before Blake got injured that he managed to put a trace on Deathlok so they know where he is going. Triplett talks with Simmons about something before he leaves to go after Deathlok. Simmons looks very happy to see Triplett, does she return his crush?  What is up with the bus does everyone on here have a crush on someone. Also I would like to point out that Fitz did not seem jealous about this at all which proves that my theory that they are do not like each other but more like siblings or best friends.

The team gets ready to enter into the abandon building where Deathlok is currently. Skye does her hacking thing to find him but somehow he knows what she is doing and cuts the feed.

Hacker version of Deathlok

Hacker version of Deathlok

The team knows where he had been so they head in that direction. They find Deathlok who fires on them and takes off with May chasing after him.

Agents-of-SHIELD-1x16-End-of-the-Beginning-21Agents - deathlok

Deathlok runs to another part of the building where Coulson who is using a rather large gun follows him. I have to say I really want to see Coulson use this gun, because it’s almost bigger then him.


As Coulson is pursuing Deathlok he runs into Garrett. Both Garrett and Coulson find Thomas Nash who is confined to a wheelchair and is using a computer to talk. In front of Nash are bunches of monitors where he can view various parts of the outside world.

agents - clairvoyant

Thomas Nash aka The Clairvoyant?

Thomas Nash aka The Clairvoyant?

Nash says that he is the Clairvoyant, the rest of the teams enter the room. Thomas Nash taunts them with information that he knows but when he brings up Skye, well Ward shoots him. Everyone looks at Ward as if he has lost his mind because Ward killed Nash.

Did Ward really just shot him?

Did Ward really just shot him?

I would like to say that I am not buying Thomas Nash as the Clairvoyant because it seems too easy.

Back on the bus Skye visits Wards asking him why he shot Nash and what will happen to him. Ward will be sent through a hearing and probably disciplined for what he has done.

Fitz is tinkering about in the bottom of the bus where he finds a secret phone line. Coulson and Skye talk about how they don’t think Nash was the Clairvoyant and they both come up with how the Clairvoyant knows everything that SHIELD seems to know. Since Coulson’s records were never released that is why the Clairvoyant could not ‘see’ it. That is when they realize that the Clairvoyant is in SHIELD. Coulson goes into the interrogation room where he demands Ward to tell him who told him to shoot Nash. Ward tells Coulson that no one did.

Fitz tells Simmons about what he found only to have May walk in on him. May ushers him out of the room and she begins to use the phone. Simmons tells Coulson how there is a secret phone line in the cockpit that only May could be using. Coulson tells her to cut the line so Fitz cuts the line before May can make her phone call. May realizes what happens and chases after Fitz. Poor Fitz, I would not want May chasing after me. Coulson finds May in the hanger bay after she tries to shoot Fitz, why is May all gun happy now?

Poor Fitz

Poor Fitz

May tells Coulson that the bullets are not real; Coulson tells May that his gun and bullets are real. Coulson is pissed and his inner badass is coming out. Skye also comes out from the shadows holding a gun pointing at May.

Skye is really letting this SHIELD agent thing get to her head

Skye is really letting this SHIELD agent thing get to her head

Coulson asks May about who the Clairvoyant is and who she is working for. May says she know nothing about the Clairvoyant and cannot tell him who sent her. May tries to convince Coulson that she is not the bad guy.

I am not your enemy

I am not your enemy

Out of nowhere, the plane reroutes and Coulson’s demands that May tells him what is going on. May has no idea who is controlling the plane.

Back at HQ, Victoria Hand is saying that they need to bring Coulson in but everyone else on the bus can be eliminated.

I knew she was evil - I never liked her

I knew she was evil – I never liked her

I knew it was Victoria Hand because I have never liked her.

This was a good episode; it started off a bit slow but not in a bad way. I like their plan to find the Clairvoyant and I really liked how Coulson told Skye how much he trusts her. Coulson knows that Skye can pick up different things because she does not think like everyone else. I would also like to remark on how everyone seems to know that Ward likes Skye even Garrett. I feel really bad for Deathlok because he has no choice in what he is doing and he really just wants to see his son again. I was on the edge of my seat when May was chasing Fitz, because I really wanted to see what she might do to him. I really think May is working for Fury because he just wanted an eye kept on Coulson. While I think it might be too easy for Victoria Hand to be the Clairvoyant, I really don’t like her so I would like it to be her. That means I am also willing to get over the fact that they usually say that the Clairvoyant is a guy.

Next, week’s episode looks to be a really good one because it seems that no one can b trusted. The team has to deal with the fact that the place is flying on its own.  I am  also curious to see if the next episode ties into Captain America: Winter Solider.

Until next week.


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