Happy April Fools’ Day from TFP!

If you’re here, you’ve probably clicked on one of a couple prank posts on our FB page! We’re really sorry to inform you but, as far as we know, Robin Williams hasn’t been cast in any superhero movies (yet), and so won’t be playing the Joker any time soon, and no, there will be no Jar Jar Binks love scene, if there’s any justice in the world. And, and I’m actually really broken up about this one, there are no plans in the works to make a Batman Beyond movie. BatFleck is still a thing.


Not happening.


Also not happening.

Also not happening.

And, sadly, also not happening.

And, sadly, also not happening.

But hope you all had a laugh, and thanks for following us! Be sure to share the Facebook posts and pull one over on your friends!



About pattyinreallife

I'm a graphic artist, writer, film-maker, and avid baker. I sing in the car and laugh at the worst/best moments. I am the coolest nerd you will ever meet. Try not to let your jealousy show too badly.

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