More images from Fox’s new series “Gotham”

Fox has released more images from the set of Gotham.  We have another image of Selina Kyle, this time with a cat.


I knew they were going to have to show her with a cat or cats at some point, I just did not expect them to do it with release photos.  I am happy to see this image, Bicondova claims to be a lover of cats, so that will be a great asset to her.

The next set of photos we have are the infamous death of Thomas and Martha Wayne.


While I am happy we got to see a photo of him with the parents, I think the first one with them walking or one with him crying over the dead bodies would have been enough. The photo of the parents falling and the last one with them on the ground just do not do the scene or story justice.  If you are person who lives under a rock or really young you might not know how Bruce’s parents die.  In these stills it does nothing to explain why Bruce was left alive.  In the last still it looks like the shooter is walking away.  I was always under the impression the shooter got spooked and ran away that is why Bruce was left alive.  Maybe they are going with a different approach or maybe the stills are doing a bad job of showing the shooter running away.  I guess we will have to wait and see once the show airs.

We also have the first photo of Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth


I like his look, this is what I would expect an English butler to look like.  I am just waiting to see what approach he will take – will he be stiff or friendly.  Will he act like a traditional butler or will he act like someone who has raised Bruce from infancy?

What do you think of these new set photos?


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