Agents of SHIELD recap: T.A.H.I.T.I


Now that the Olympics are over, Agents of SHIELD is back, yay.  Lets recap where we left off, Mike Peterson is officially Deathlok and wishes that he could see his son.  Ian Quinn is an asshole because he shot Skye, left her for dead and now Skye is fighting for her life.

This episode starts with the team getting Skye to a hospital.

Save Skye

Save Skye

The team looks rather upset while they wait for work from the doctor.  Poor Fitz is blaming himself because he did not go in there with Skye.

How is Skye?

How is Skye?

The doctor comes out and tells them that the damage was too much and they are doing all that they can to make her comfortable but her family needs to be called because a choice will have to be made.  Coulson tells the doctor that they are Skye’s family, thus causing the doctor to give her condolences.  Seriously, Agents of SHIELD this is how you want to start the episode with all the feels.

Agent May is pissed off so she goes into the interrogation room where they are holding Quinn and beats the shit out of him.

This is why you don't piss of Agent May

This is why you don’t piss of Agent May

I have said it before I never want to be on May’s bad side well this moment proved it.  Coulson tells May to stop and they leave the room, where Coulson tells her they are going to the facility that brought him back to life.  The likelihood is that one of the doctors there can save Skye.  May pilots the jet with Ward as the co-pilot.

Coulson decides that Levels be damned and give his file to Fitz and Simmons to read.  He is hoping that they can find something in there that might help Skye.  After going over everything Simmons admits that they only understands about 70% of what is in the file.   That worries me because FitzSimmons are well brilliant.  There might be something in there that will help Skye, GH325.  What is a GH325?  No one seems to care because all they want to do is help Skye, GH325 might work because it apparently helped Coulson’s heart begin to repair itself.

While they are flying to where they think that Coulson had been treated (let’s be fair they have no idea) they are boarded by another SHIELD plane.  Coulson was worried that they might scratch the paint.  This plane contains Agent Garrett (Bill Paxton – very excited to see him) and Agent Triplett.

agents of shield garrett and triplett

They are there to take Ian Quinn to the Fridge; of course, Garrett knows Coulson and Triplett knows Ward.  Triplett asks Ward how Coulson got the Playboy jet, Ward replies, “he died”.  Triplett lets Ward know that he will do whatever it takes to take Quinn off the plane this causes a fight between Ward and Triplett.  I swear Ward needs to hit something every episode.  Coulson stops the fight because he tells them that Garrett has permission to question Quinn on the Bus.

Coulson and Garrett go into the interrogation room where Quinn does not look so good.  Well that’s what he gets for shooting Skye and pissing off May.  I do not have any sympathy for him.  Garrett is a bit upset that he can’t do the bad cop routine because well May beat him to it.  Garrett starts to question him about Deathlok and Cybertech.

Agents of Shield - garrett & quinn

During questioning Quinn decides to be a smart ass, not the best idea, because Garrett pulls Quinn’s tongue almost out of his mouth.  Quinn is pretty much told that if he does not help them or if Skye dies, that Coulson will push him off the plane.  Quinn eventually tells them that he shot Skye because the Clairvoyant told him too.  I would like to mention I am over the Clairvoyant this character needs to go.  The only thing, that the Clairvoyant cannot see is how Coulson survived.  Basically they were set up, the Clairvoyant is worse than the Game of Throne characters when it comes to this.  The teams debates if they should take Skye to the facility because it could lead the Clairvoyant there.  They decide to that they need to save Skye.

Fitz gets access to the all of SHIELD administrative files from a friend of his, which comes in a really cool look blue cube.  When it is enlarged, it is full of files, lots and lots of digital files.  Fitz and Simmons just begin swiping their way through all the information and some how always manage to find what they are looking for.  I have no idea how they do that because I would be absolutely lost in that thing.  They find a piece of information that is encrypted, which leads Fitz to ask what would Skye do.  I feel like WWSD should be a thing now.  Well Fitz pushed on everything and it turns out the file was not encrypted but that it was actually a map of where the facility that worked on Coulson is, WWSD for the win.

Agent Garrett is ready to battle

Agent Garrett is ready to battle

They land in front of the facility, Coulson, Ward, Garrett, and Fitz go in while Simmons, Triplett and May stay behind.  I would like to also comment on how pretty much everyone is wearing battle gear and bulletproof vest, you know protection, and Coulson is still just wearing his suit.  I am beginning to think Coulson is like Fred Flintstone and that he has nothing else in his closet.  Coulson rings the doorbell of the secret facility because let’s be fair they all have doorbells.  The two guys inside ask Coulson a secret question that if you are supposed to be there you know the secret answer to.  Well of course, they don’t know the answer so Coulson tries to appeal to their human side.  Well apparently, they don’t have one because they will not let them in.  Ward then shoots the camera as Fitz prepares to break them in.  The two guys on the inside prepare to be breached.

When they are inside the building Fitz realizes the coms are not working.

Um guys the coms are not working

Um guys the coms are not working

Garrett says it is probably for the best, they wouldn’t want the others to hear what is happening.  Fitz figures out that they are safe until they get past the bulletproof doors.  Once Fitz gets them past the doors, everyone runs for cover because the two guards begin to shoot at them.  Coulson tries to reason with the guards again because it worked so well the first time but the guards keep firing.  Ward and Garrett do all the shooting; once that is done, they realize one of the guards is wounded, so they follow his blood trail.  The boys realize that the guard triggered the explosive devices around the facility.  There was a timer set for less then ten minutes and the door are sealed.  Fitz remarks that Skye would be able to hack it, again WWSD.  Coulson asks Garrett to try and stop the bomb since he knows the most about that.

Back on the plane, Triplett pretty much is telling Simmons how awesome she is and how he hopes when he is in something like this that, she is on his team.

Simmons your so smart, and pretty

Simmons you are so smart, and pretty

I was not feeling Triplett during the scene I felt like he was up to something, but he was hitting her.  I just could not fathom the thought of hitting on someone at a time like that but to each their own.  May comes in and tells them that the coms are down and if they do not hear anything from the boys in an hour then she is going in.  I love how badass May is; she is just like I will beat up everyone.  Skye then goes into cardiac arrest, but Simmons is able to stabilize her.  Skye does this a few more times, Simmons wonders if this is what Skye would want.

Back on the facility, Coulson has a mini flashback to being there.  Fitz is able to find the GH325.


Coulson tells Fitz to leave with the GH325 while he goes looking around, he finds a panel that says T.A.H.I.T.I.  Maybe Coulson really did go to Tahiti after all.  Garrett and Ward blow the front door open, Fitz runs towards plane with the GH325.  Garrett tells Ward to go with Fitz, while he goes back for Coulson.  Garrett goes back for Coulson who is found a bit dazed but leaving the building saying that they can’t give the GH325 to Skye.  May is taking off in the plane just as Garrett and Coulson run onto the plane before the facility blows.  Coulson tells them not to give the GH325 to Skye but it is too late Simmons had already administered it.  Skye’s heart rate goes up, which is good but then it continues to go up, not good.  Skye has what looked like a seizure but then stops when her heart rate goes back to normal.  Coulson still has the dazed look on his face when he leaves the room.  May asks Garrett what happened but Garratt doesn’t know.

May asks to talk with Coulson in his office because she is wondering if he will tell her what is wrong.  May questions Coulson about why he was screaming for them not to give the GH325 to Skye.  Coulson says that he did not want Skye to have the reaction that he did to it, but she didn’t.  Coulson flashes to what he saw in the facility.  He was in a room looking around and he saw something that said GH, so he opens it.  In a liquid tube was half of an alien, it seems that the GH comes from an alien life form.  All I could think when I saw that was WTF.  Also maybe Skye is reacting well the GH325 because she is an alien because lets face it she is a 0-8-4.



Garrett takes Quinn from the plane and tells Coulson they will probably see each other again because Triplett has eyes for Simmons.

In the bonus scene we see a newly wed couple who are getting ready to drive off I guess on their honeymoon.  The girl goes into the shop to get a map.  This weird lady comes up to the guy and starts drinking his water asking him where in Midgard is she.   All I could think was Thor; the guy (Jimmy) tells her that she is in Death Valley.  The lady is shocked that the Jimmy does not seem to be attracted to her and likes his loyalty to his new bride.  Some how she gets the Jimmy to ditch his new bride and to give her a ride, in the car the guy is professing his devotion to her and we find out her name is Lorelei.

I definitely had a lot of feels at the beginning of this episode, they basically told us that Skye was going to die.  I should have known that Coulson wouldn’t let that happen.  I was not sure what to think about Agent Garrett and Triplett in the beginning because I thought they might be playing them.  After awhile it seemed that they were cool, but I am still going to keep an eye on them just in case, you should always trust first impressions.  I do appreciate in this episode how everyone on the team showed how much they care about Skye.  Ward and May punched people, Fitz blamed himself, and Simmons did everything she could to keep Skye alive.  Well Coulson just would not give up on saving her.  At first, I was definitely confused about what GH325 was.  All I knew is that could help repair damaged cells and tissue.  Then I saw Coulson’s flashback and found out it came from an alien, of course I went WFT when I saw the alien.   After I saw Skye’s reaction to it, I wonder if she reacted better because she might be an alien herself.  Since she is a rather human looking, does that mean she might from Asgard?  I am hoping we get some more answers to this because now my interest is peaked.

Next week Lady Sif comes to town.

Hello Lady Sif

Hello Lady Sif

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