Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Sandman has a writer


Jack Throne has been brought on to write the Sandman movie that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is producing.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt also is hoping to star and direct the movie as well.

Jack Throne is a relatively unknown, one of the biggest things he is known for is Skins.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt has only directed one other movie Don Jon, which he also starred.

I do not know a lot about The Sandman but from what I have found it is about Morpheus who is the personification of dreams.  I am willing to bet that is a play on Morpheus from the Greek myths he was the God of Dreams.  Apparently, he was held captive for 70 years but he manages to escape.  Like any true superhero character, he has to seek revenge while trying to rebuild himself and adapt to new times.

This could be a really interesting movie since it deals with both the horror and fantasy genres.  Anything dealing with dreams is naturally going to have psychological aspects to it.  Since I am unfamiliar with this series, I can’t speculate if this will turn out good or bad.  From what I have discovered it does seem like this series will have a lot of facets to it.  In live action, it could be really cool, so I guess we will just have to wait and see as more develops with this story.

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