Sleepy Hollow – Abbie vs Katrina

Are you Team Abbie or Team Katrina?

Are you Team Abbie or Team Katrina?

Originally, I had thought to do another female perspective post about Sleepy Hollow, much like the one I had done on Sherlock.  Even after I had written the post that way, I still was not happy with it.  Then I thought about how so many people are either Team Abbie or Team Katrina, I thought it might be a better idea to actually talk about that, since I have not chosen a team yet, I can be an unbiased.  Let us  look at the two main women in Ichabod Crane’s life.

I should mention that there will be spoilers if you are not caught up.


Katrina Crane

Katrina Crane

I decided to look at Katrina first because well she was first.  Katrina is Ichabod’s wife, so that alone gives her points.  Ichabod is such a noble character, let’s be fair he is not going to do anything while Katrina is still “alive,” by alive I mean trapped in purgatory/ kidnapped by the headless horseman.  Lets talk about the headless horsemen and his part in this threesome.  Before the horseman became the bringer of death, he was a normal person.  More importantly, he was Ichabod’s best friend and Katrina’s fiancé.  Then Katrina decided that she wanted Ichabod, betrothals and arrangements be damned.

I don't care that I am betrothed already, I want Ichabod

I don’t care that I am betrothed already, I want Ichabod

I will give props to Ichabod, he did his best to let Brom know what was going on but it was not enough to stop the hurt and betrayal that Brom felt.  It can be argued that if Katrina had just done what she was supposed to do in the first place that none of this would have happened.  Alas, she did not so now we have crazy Sleepy Hollow.  I will give points to Katrina she did what she could to help Ichabod after he had awaken; she did put a resurrection spell on him.

Katrina with her coven

Katrina with her coven

Lets talk about the fact that she is a witch, it can be argued against her how she never told Ichabod that she was one.  In her defense, they were burning witches at that time, so it was pretty much on a need to know bases.  Speaking of need to know bases, it should be mentioned how Katrina kept from Ichabod that they had a baby together and why she was in purgatory.  Lets start with the baby; she could have mentioned that to him really quickly one of the his earlier visits.  Hey, hunny just so you know we had a baby, I am not sure what happened to him I had to send him away because I was a witch.

Baby Crane aka Henry Parish aka the Horseman of War

Baby Crane aka Henry Parish aka the Horseman of War

Ichabod would have went looking for baby anyway so it’s not like her telling him early on would have changed that.  The only that might have changed is that they might have figured out that Henry Parish was Ichabod’s and Katrina’s son earlier.  I really don’t think it would have made much difference because he was already set to be War anyway.  On to Katrina’s next omission, not telling Ichabod that Brom was Death and that he is the reason Moloch is keeping her purgatory.  Granted that information would have pretty much negated an entire episode, that was a pretty cool episode because they had to question someone without a head.  Katrina seems to have a thing about giving out information, if she does not deem is important she doesn’t say it.  I will give her the first meeting, she was really happy to see Ichabod.

Ichabod and Katrina seeing each other again

Ichabod and Katrina seeing each other again

During that first meeting, she did have a short window to tell him things that he needed to know in order to understand why he was alive.  The meetings after that Katrina should have been giving out more information.  With all that being said, it is obvious that Katrina does care for Ichabod, she does always worry for him every time he visits her in purgatory.  She was not happy to see him when he went into purgatory for real to get her out.  I would like to point out how Katrina is not worried about Abbie, when Abbie was in purgatory and offering to stay in Katrina’s place Katrina wasn’t going to let her.  Why is that, because Katrina had no reason to fear Abbie, Ichabod is not going anywhere.


Lieutenant Abbie Mills

Lieutenant Abbie Mills

On to Abbie, well she is already down a peg because well Ichabod is loyal to his wife.  Lets be fair right now Abbie stands no chance with Ichabod.  With that being said, she compliments Ichabod rather well.  They both have the same mission – to stop the apocalypse.  It can be argued that they were just thrown in together on this, since they are the two witnesses.  In some ways that is true, but they have managed to make the best out of the situation and they have also found away to understand each other.   They also have a strong desire to protect those they care about, for Abbie it is her sister and for Ichabod it is Katrina (obviously they have a strong desire to protect each other).  Abbie is doing a really great job of introducing Ichabod to the modern world and helping him adapt.

Abbie teaching Ichabod about baseball

Abbie teaching Ichabod about baseball

I have to say those interactions are among some of the best in the show.  Abbie does care for Ichabod and Ichabod for her; it is shown during many of the episodes.  They are always trying to save the other one or help the other one in any way that they can.

Ichabod appreciates that Abbie is this with him

Ichabod appreciates that Abbie is this with him

Ichabod does what he can to help Abbie’s relationship with her sister.  Abbie does everything that she can to help Ichabod get the answers that he seeks.  There is a bond between Abbie and Ichabod, one that Katrina will never be able to have with Ichabod, a bond that is only seen between soldiers.  Abbie fights, carries a gun, and is an all around badass, something Katrina is not.  In Katrina’s defense, women of her time were not raised to be that way.  In the modern world women are different and were raised differently.  Unfortunately because of that, Ichabod is going to look at Abbie like a fellow solider and not as a romantic interest for a while, at least that is what I think.  Abbie definitely gets that, she is does not want Ichabod to look at her like that, if she did then her ass would have never taken Katrina’s place in purgatory.  Abbie is a strong independent woman who does not need a man because she is going to do what it is that she does.

Abbie is a BAMF

Abbie is a BAMF

Abbie is pretty much going to do what she needs to do to stop the upcoming apocalypse, if she has to beat up some demons the woods she will.  If she has to go into a haunted house she will and if she has to fight the headless horseman she is cool with that.  Abbie will go into dream worlds to help find answers, she will break into buildings, and if she has to try to destroy the headless horseman’s head she will do that too.

Abbie trying to destroy the headless horseman's head.

Abbie trying to destroy the headless horseman’s head.

Points that can be made in Abbie’s favor that she has never lied to Ichabod or kept important information from him.  Her actions did not help cause the horseman of Death or the horseman of War.  Since the first two horsemen have a connection to Ichabod, I wonder if the last two will have a connection to Abbie.

As I mentioned before I have not chosen a team yet, I think it will be a long time before I do.  I am a hopeless romantic so I just adore how devoted to Katrina Ichabod is, I would not change that about him.  I think it would hurt his character and make him less likeable if he went after Abbie.  At the same time, I like a buddy buddy relationship of Abbie and Ichabod.  They have a lot of things going on in their lives right now that need to be dealt with.  Lets face it Abbie does have quite a few issues that she needs to work out.  Right now, I think a romance between Ichabod and Abbie would be harmful to the end goal and their friendship; it would destroy the bond they have built.  Not to mention I kinda see Abbie and Ichabod’s relationship similar to Goliath and Elsa’s relationship on Gargoyles.  They need time to learn to trust each other before it can be anything more.  Much like Goliath, Ichabod does need to get over his ex.  For now I am still not choosing a team, I would like to see more from the show first.

Are you Team Katrina or Team Abbie and why?


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  1. I disagree with your characterization of Abbie. It feels like a very superficial reading. No doubt she will likely do just about anything to avert the apocalypse but you have failed to talk about her feelings about doing those things. Abbie isn’t simply a good soldier, she has real feelings about her dead mentor, her sister, the best friend she just killed, moloch waltzing in to her life at the tender age of 13 and laying waste to it, and the abandonment she experienced as a child that we will likely learn has something to do with her status as a witness.

    All those things have wounded her deeply and have informed her interaction with Ichabod. She needs him and relies on him becuase, outside of Jenny, he is likely the only person that can begin to understand her, becuase they share that higher purpose. And that is why I prefer them together romantically. Until Abbie gets another suitor that is as involved in her life as Ichabod, I doubt my preference will change.

    Now I don’t see Abbie as developing feelings for Ichabod just yet. Unlike your article, I do see Ichabod developing some feelings for Abbie. His devotion to Katrina reads more like obsession or infatuation to me mostly because he hasn’t dealt with her lies in a realistic way. In my mind there have been definite moments of flirtation between him and Abbie. I believe he is very attracted to her but his attraction confuses him and leaves him feeling guilty. And only fuels his need to see Katrina rescued because the longer they are separated the more likely it is that he might act on those feelings. He holds the idea of being honorable in very high regard but he doesn’t always act on that impulse as we have seen when he defected to the colonies, stole his best friends girl and lied to Abbie about the map. History has shown that if Ichabod gets worked up enough that veneer cool self control crumbles in the face of his emotions. Subconsciously he has to know his relationship with Abbie doesn’t fit neatly in to the category of friend especially by his times standards and that must scare him silly.

    One last note, I think you handled Katrina’s characterization rather even handedly which is easy cause there is so little to her character but yes good job. I would just like to add that there are actually a couple more things that I believe Ichabod had a right to know but Katrina decided to withhold. First, Katrina knew he was a witness but never told him. Which is doublely bad considering she knew he was fighting in the apocalypse that could possibly result in the end if the world and did not let him know that before they decided to start a family. She also knew that she had to be forgiven or a soul had to take her place in order to leave purgatory but withheld that info even after begging her husband to save her or letting him believe he could multiple times.

    • christenagarcia

      Abbie is such a well developed character that if I couldn’t mention everything. I was trying to keep it an unbiased as possible which I am but if I felt if I devoted a lot to Abbie it might have looked like I was picking sides. There is so much to Abbie, that is what makes her such a great character. There was no way to include everything, because when you look at them both Abbie looks like a way better character then Katrina. It was much harder to some up with good points about Katrina then it was Abbie. I did cut a lot from Abbie, I know I did.

      Like I said I am not ready for them to be together, it does not feel like the right time in their story. I am not sure who will choose who when it comes to Ichabod and Abbie. Ichabod and Abbie definitely flirt with each other, there is no denying that. As I glossed over Ichabod needs to get over Katrina before anything between him and Abbie. He is not ready for that, it is one of the few things to his past that he can still hold on to. In some way Katrina is like a security blanket for him.

      Yes, Katrina did keep a lot more from Ichabod, I didn’t even go into every last one of them. I just wanted to show that she does do that.

      I am the last person to ever make a racist stereotype because I am a mixed race individual. I wasn’t being racist when I said that Abbie is a strong woman who doesn’t need a man. I know she has had other relationships and even had one while on the show. I was just saying that she does not need a man, she is not defined by one. While Abbie has emotional baggage that she has to deal with, she is secure with herself. She knows what she want and what she doesn’t want. You really don’t see Abbie going on a ton of dates or complaining about not having a man. She does get lonely and that has been mentioned, but her loneliness also includes her sister. I consider that to be a strong woman someone who doesn’t need to be defined by a man or needs to have one in her life. I love that about Abbie, I can’t wait to see the men they bring into her life, it will be great to watch.

      • I get what you are saying but representing Abbie as a one-dimensional character in order to prop up Katrina is really problematic. And the responsibility isn’t on you to make Katrina seem better than she is. The only people responsible for the bettering of Katrina’s character are the show’s writers. Being balanced means little if it is founded in misrepresentation.

        I’m not necessarily ready for Abbie and Ichabod to be together either. I think most Ichabbie shippers feel the same. But in terms of Abbie vs Katrina… I’m always going to be Team Abbie. *shrugs*

        As for the stereotype thing. Having read your response, I’m sure your intentions were good. I’m white and really have no business taking this conversation any further so I’m just gonna drop a link here because it was written by a WoC and really sums up my feelings on why the “strong independent woman” narrative is so harmful to black women.

      • christenagarcia

        I have a feeling when I do choose a team I’m probably going to choose Team Abbie.

        I get that some comments can be harmful to a specific race. People do get into stereotypes all the time. I do sometimes forget that because I don’t think like that. I love the way they wrote Abbie because she is such a contrast to Katrina in every way. When comparing them it’s hard not to think of Abbie as the stronger one. To others it could come off wrong.

        I have to say this was one of the hardest post to write. It was much easier comparing Jane Foster and Sif from Thor.

  2. Also, heads up, your comment on Abbie being a “strong independent woman that doesn’t need no man” is racist stereotype and you really should rethink why you and everyone else feel the need to pigeonhole Abbie in that way because it is pretty clear from the show that Abbie is emotionally complex. She has even had boyfriends in the past so she clearly doesn’t adhere to that statement.

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