Agents of SHIELD Recap: T.R.A.C.K.S


Well we had a little mini hiatus there but now we have a new episode.  Lets recap what happened last week Iceman – mean Donnie lures Fitz to the SHIELD academy so that Fitz can help him fix his ice gun so he can cause the polar vortex and become Blizzard. We also find out more about Skye’s past.

The team is trying to track Quinn and the Clairvoyant, Coulson finds a train that Cybertech is using to transport a package, and the package could lead them to Quinn.  This mission is going to require some undercover work, Agent May is not happy about this.

"I hate undercover"

“I hate undercover”

The team goes on the train, Ward and May as a married couple, I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact they are having sex.  Coulson and Simmons as father daughter and Fitz and Skye as a young couple.  May and Ward get into their compartment after Ward conveniently converses in Italian.  I must say Ward is sexy speaking Italian.  Ward and May are in their compartment where May begins to get ready for the mission, she was wearing the sexiest outfit I have seen her wear all season.  During this time, Ward finds out that Coulson knows that him and May are having sex.  I appreciate how May tells him because she drops the bomb and then climbs out the window to continue the mission.

Coulson and Simmons are sitting down and Simmons tells him to not be offended if she is a bit cold but he has been an absentee father for much of her life.

Coulson and Simmons undercover as father daughter

Coulson and Simmons undercover as father daughter

Simmons learned during an earlier episode she is horrible at impromptu lying but she is great at planning so she created a back-story.  Then Simmons goes on to yell at Coulson for abandoning her mom, how he was never around, how work was more important and so were his prostitutes.  I cannot say how adorable Simmons was in this scene.  Simmon’s ranting catches the attention of one of the train passengers Mr. Stan “The Man” Lee.

Stan Lee cameo

Stan Lee cameo

Fangirl squee moment over Stan Lee cameo, Stan Lee proceeds to yell at Coulson and tell him to be a better father.  Then Stan Lee walks off with the two young ladies because lets face it Stan Lee is the Hugh Hefner of the geek world.  (Which is not true in reality, Stan Lee is very happily married to his wife of 66 years.)

Fitz proves to Skye that he can talk in an American accent; Skye distracts the train conductor and lifts the keys out of his pocket.  Skye and Fitz go into a room where they set up their equipment and Fitz tells Skye she is the worst pretend girlfriend he has ever had.

"You are the worst pretend girlfriend I have ever had."

“You are the worst pretend girlfriend I have ever had.”

Simmons gets up and spills her ‘moms’ ashes on a guy.  Ward comes running up as Coulson runs off to make sure they have not lost the package.  A guy with a blue looking grenade comes up after them, which causes Coulson and Ward to have to jump off the train.

We find out that Ward had put on a train conductor uniform and walks out of the compartment.  He runs into a lady who asks him to help her with her heavy suitcase.

I am sorry lady I do not have time to help you right now

I am sorry lady I do not have time to help you right now

The lady winds up attacking Ward because she is some kind of assassin.  The fight scene between Ward and the assassin girl took way to long, if it had been May it would have taken a quarter of the time.  As Ward is going down the hallway he tells Simmons to hide and then he runs into Coulson and we see a replay of them jumping off the train.  The blue grenade/bomb explodes sending off a light and then the train is gone, ok where did the train go.  Ward and Coulson get up only to have Ward find May’s glasses which means she is not on the train.  Ward and Coulson find a car that is already on and drive off towards the bus.  Coulson speasks with his Italian contact Rousso who says he will meet them on the bus.  Ward tries to turn on the holo-table – this was rather hilarious.

Holo - table on  via tumbler

Holo – table on
via tumbler

He eventually finds on the on switch which we find out is better than Coulson has ever done.  Coulson and Ward both try to use the holo-table but fail, I guess they are going to need some lessons from Fitz and Simmons.  Coulson tells Ward that if that train is still on Earth SHIELD will find it, what happens if the train is no longer on Earth.  Also Coulson and Ward talk about Ward sleeping with May and Coulson tells him its dumb and if he endangers the team that Coulson will ship Ward off to Alaska.  Rousso walks on the plane only to have a crazy looking May who is covered in blood kill him.  May why did you kill, Rousso and what happened to you.

Flash to May on top of the train getting shot at, it is never a good idea to shoot at May she doesn’t like that.  May activates her parachute and lands safely on the ground where she finds a frozen Coulson and Ward.  May makes sure to check their pulses to make sure they are alive.  Both Coulson and Ward have this weird blue dye vain crap coming out their eyes but it begins to recede.  May runs off and finds a car so that she can help Coulson and Ward.  Just as May hotwires the car she is kidnapped by a bunch of guys.  Cut to obligatory warehouse torture scene because let’s be fair all tortures have to happen in a warehouse, where May is dangling from the ceiling.  It is obvious May is not happy and Rousso makes the dumb mistake of calling May sweetheart which she tells him was a dumb mistake with the most sadistic smile I have ever seen on her face.  Rousso being the idiot that he is stabs May with a knife.

Stabbing Agent May - a bad idea  via Tumbler

Stabbing Agent May – a bad idea
via Tumbler

May gets free and beat up/kills his men and follows Rousso out.  As Rousso is walking up the ramp of the bus towards Coulson and Ward, we see that he has a knife behind his back.  Then it shows May killing him again, because Rousso had sent them up.

May is taking care of her cuts and Coulson helps her.  Ward sees this and does not seem happy about it so he gets all moody.  The team finds out that the blue grenade stuff freezes you shortly, which is why Coulson and Ward thought the train vanished.  Instead, the train just switched tracks and is stopped randomly in the middle of the Italian countryside.  The team heads to the train because they are naturally concerned about what happened to the rest of the team.  Fitz and Skye’s equipment is discovered.  They find a crazy Simmons who shoot at them with a night night gun but misses.  Simmons then asks what happened to Fitz and Skye.


Back to before the train stopped, Skye and Fitz are talking about 0-8-4’s because Skye wants to know more about them since she might be one.  According to Fitz there has not been an instance where a 0-8-4 was a human but that does not mean that it is impossible.  Skye and Fitz are attacked by some of the Cyberech guys and Simmons jumps in to save them, thus causing her to be hit with the blue grenade thing.  Fitz makes sure Simmons is all right and they hide her.  They also figure that the blue grenade things are the same as the night night guns but just more concentrated and airborne.  Skye then sees the Cybertech guys taking the package off the train.  Skye convinces Fitz that they should follow them because that is what Coulson would do.

Fitz and Skye follow the Cybertech guys to Quinn’s house, Coulson was right that Cybertech would lead them to Quinn.  Fitz activates his tracking device so this way everyone will know where to find them.  Fitz gives Skye a night night gun; Skye goes inside while Fitz disables the cars.  Skye proves to be an all right shot because she misses the first time but she knocks out a few guys.  While Skye is investigating the house, she finds the package and Mike Peterson who is in a hyperbaric chamber.  Naturally, since Skye is to busy paying attention to Mike she does not hear Quinn and a few guys come into the room.  Quinn tells Skye that the Clairvoyant told them they would find her.  I don’t know about anyone else but I am kind of over this all-knowing Clairvoyant person.  Quinn lets Mike out and of course, Skye tries to talk to Mike.  We find out that the Clairvoyant is the one who is giving Mike his orders.  Carlos puts an artificial leg on Mike, which is actually cool because is can contract to travel size.  Quinn tries to test Mike by seeing if Mike will kill him or Skye.  Mike tells him that his orders are not to kill either one of them and Mike leaves the room.  Quinn is unhappy about this and shoots Skye twice- WTF.

While Fitz is under the car, the rest of his team shows up, Ward walks in all badass with 2 night night guns and starts shooting at people.

Badass Agent Ward

Badass Agent Ward

Coulson goes looking for Skye.  Skye who is in a great deal of pain has managed to crawl over to the door.  The team captures Quinn and Coulson finds Skye.  Coulson is so upset about how he finds Skye; he looks like he is about to cry – lots of feels.  Simmons tells them to put Skye in the hyperbaric chamber that Mike had been in because they have to stabilize Skye.  The hyperbaric chamber helps Skye but it will not keep her alive.

via  Tumbler

While on the bus Simmons tells them that Skye has to get to a hospital but she will do everything that, she can to keep Skye alive until then.  While Simmons is looking for some medical supplies she starts to cry and Fitz knowing her so well manages to be there for her.

I'm here for you Simmons via Tumbler

I’m here for you Simmons  via Tumbler

May tells Ward that he can’t blame himself for this and Ward tells her that he doesn’t, May touches Wards hand.  Coulson keeps watch over Skye.

Now for bonus scene, we see Mike looking over a playground where he writes a note asking if he can see his son.  He is told not yet which makes Mike mad.  As the camera pans down, we see the name Deathlok written on Mike’s artificial leg.  We already knew that Mike was going to become Deathlok.

Mike Peterson aka Deathlok

Mike Peterson aka Deathlok

First off, WTF they leave us not knowing what is going to happen to Skye.  Even worse making it so we can’t find out for another month.  Agent of SHIELD you guys are assholes.  I will admit that Skye is the most annoying character on the show and serves a very little purpose; she is a member of the team so I don’t want to see her die.  With that being said, I loved the father daughter undercover scene with Coulson and Simmons.  I have to say that Simmons is hilarious and adorable in this part.  I loved the Stan Lee cameo, I really wish he turned out to be the Clairvoyant but I loved the cameo just the same.  I really enjoyed the scene where Coulson tells Ward that he needs to be a big boy and start using the word sex if that is all he has going on with May.  Coulson did a great job of putting Ward in his place during this scene.  All the feels with the team being upset about Skye’s life being on the line, they all really care about her.

Until one month from now when we get to find out what happens to Skye because Agents of SHIELD are assholes.



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