Sherlock Recap: His Last Vow

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Here we are at the series finale of season 3 of Sherlock.  These seasons are way to short; we need more than 3 episodes.  Lets recap what happened last episode, John and Mary got married and the photographer tried to kill one of John’s old army buddies.  Sherlock told the most awkward yet touching best man speech ever.

Charles Augustus Magnussen (the new villain) goes into Lady Smallwoods study.  Lady Smallwood warns him that they cannot be seen together but Magnussen does not listen.  He tells Lady Smallwood he is in possession of letters that her husband sent to a 15-year-old girl.  Lady Smallwood says that she knows all about them but once her husband learned the girl’s age, he stopped.  Magnussen says he has pictures as well; for the most part, he is blackmailing her.  That is what Magnussen does he is blackmails people.

Prior to face licking

Prior to face licking

Before Magnussen leaves he makes sure to lick Lady Smallwood’s face, seriously is face licking starting to become a thing.  I do not find the appeal in having my face licked.  Lady Smallwood does a very brilliant thing and hires Sherlock to find the letters.

John and Mary’s neighbor comes by asking for John’s help in getting  her son back from a drug den.  John goes over there; he took some notes from Sherlock’s playbook because he was all badass.  He even grabbed the guy in an arm restraint.  John goes upstairs where he finds his neighbor’s son and finds Sherlock.  Naturally, Sherlock thinks John is there to see him.  Mary is waiting outside in the car where she has to order a bickering John and Sherlock into the car.  She also has to take the guy that John injured (sprained his arm) as well.  John confirms that it is a sprain because he is a doctor and knows how to sprain someone.  I would hope so because otherwise what good was medical school.

They are at the hospital because John wants Sherlock checked for drugs.  Molly gets some balls from I don’t know where and slaps Sherlock across the face multiple times.

During this, we find out that Molly is no longer in engaged, I wonder if that had anything to do with why she slapped him.

Back at the flat Mycroft visits where he is a huge ass, because well that is what Mycroft is.  Mycroft did manage to figure out that Sherlock is trying to take on Magnussen.  Mycroft tells Sherlock to stop what he is doing.  Sherlock finally has enough of Mycroft and goes after him.  It’s about time someone went to put Mycroft in his place because he can be such a pretentious ass.  While Mycroft was there, he remarked on the fact that Sherlock’s door is closed.  Growing up Sherlock never closed his door, unless forced by their mother.  Magnussen comes by to see Sherlock and John because of the letters that Lady Smallwood wants.  Magnussen pretty much tells them that he will not give them the letters.  Apparently, if you don’t let Magnussen go to the bathroom he will pee in your fireplace.  Serious who pees in someone’s fireplace, I guess face licking people do.

While John is waiting for Sherlock to get out of the bath Janine (Mary’s maid of honor) comes out of Sherlock’s bedroom wearing nothing but Sherlock’s shirt.

Who is this chick and why is she calling him Sheryl?

Who is this chick and why is she calling him Sherl?

First of only Irene can be in Sherlock’s room wearing nothing but his shirt.  If I have to, I will settle for Molly, but not this chick who does she thinks she is.  I am not all right with this chick coming out of Sherlock’s room in nothing but his shirt.  Sherlock and Janine are cuddling and being cute (barf) on the chair.

WTF is going on here, she needs to get out of Sherlock's lap

WTF is going on here, she needs to get out of Sherlock’s lap

Janine leaves but before she does she kisses Sherlock, again who does this chick think she is.  John cannot get past the fact that Sherlock is dating someone so he pretty much does not listen to anything that Sherlock says.

John and Sherlock go to Magnussen house where Sherlock uses Janine to let him because she works for Magnussen.  Now it all makes sense what he is doing with her.  I should mention he gets her to let him in by holding a ring and in essence proposing to her.  When they get inside they find Janine knocked out and it is deduced that the person who did it is still in-house.  Sherlock goes off to investigate and finds a person holding a gun at Magnussen.  This person is wearing the same perfume as Lady Smallwood, so naturally Sherlock thinks it is Lady Smallwood.  The assassin person turns around and its Mary – WTF.

WTF Mary

WTF Mary

Mary is an assassin, when did this happen and how did she manage to trick Sherlock.  Well of course, Mary can’t have Sherlock telling John about her so she shoots him.  This would not have been as bad but Sherlock when to his mind palace which was cool.  Molly visits Sherlock to help him understand what is happening to him because he was shot.

Molly helping Sherlock in his mind palace

Molly helping Sherlock in his mind palace

Mycroft shows up again to help Sherlock figure out that the bullet did not pass through his body.  Molly then tells Sherlock that he has to fall and use gravity to help dislodge the bullet.  Sherlock goes crazy while he is going into shock.  While he is dying in the hospital Sherlock goes into the crazy part of his mind palace where a chained up Moriarty taunts him.

Crazy Moriarty

Crazy Moriarty

That is actually a help because when he mention John that get Sherlock to fight.  Then Sherlock does a miraculous recovery I mean miraculous because he was declared dead.

When Mary hears from John that Sherlock survived the shooting she makes sure to go down there and warns him not to tell John about what he saw.  When Sherlock wakes up and Janine is there all pissed because she realized the he was only using her.

Janine is pissed that Sherlock used her

Janine is pissed that Sherlock used her

She messed with his morphine drip; there is nothing worse than a woman scorned.

John goes to visit the hospital with Lestrade only to find Sherlock missing from the hospital room.  Did we really think that Sherlock would listen to the doctors and stay in the hospital bed like a good boy?  Now starts the hunt to find Sherlock, John and Lestrade are looking for him, as is Mary.  While John is at Baker Street he is very confused as to why Sherlock would put his chair back out.  When John looks at the table, next to him he see the perfume that Mary and Lady Smallwood wear.   John knows that Sherlock knows who shot him because of the trajectory of the bullet, but why is Sherlock not saying anything, who is he trying to protect?

Mary is out searching for Sherlock and she gets some help from the homeless network that Sherlock uses. Sherlock knew that Mary would go to them to help find him.  It leads her to a building that Sherlock happens to own because he won it in a card game, I guess he’s Han Solo now.  Mary enters the building where she shows Sherlock how well she can fire a gun.  Sherlock tricks her by coming from behind Mary.  Mary begs Sherlock not to tell John because she cannot lose him and she will not lose him.

Mary behind you

Mary behind you

Unfortunately, John is smart and had been in the room the whole time so he heard everything.  It is during this time that Sherlock realizes that the clues have been there all the time, the fact they she knew what kind of coded text message had been sent and her great memory.

Sherlock orders everyone to Baker Street, where Mrs. Hudson is happy to see Sherlock.  John is mad by this point because everyone he meets and is in his life is a psychopath.  Sherlock tells John that those are the kinds of people he is attracted to and that he likes a certain kind of life.  Mary even confirms this by telling John that he knew what she was and still married her.  Sherlock and John take Mary on as a client, where she tells them that she had been an assassin.  Magnussen has information on her that is why she went after him.  Mary gives John a USB drive with all of her information on it.   Sherlock called an ambulance to the flat because he knew that he was going to need medical attention since he left the hospital to soon.

It fast-forwards a few months to Christmas, which is being spent at the Sherlock family home.  I was excited to see Benedict Cumberbatch’s real life parents reprise their roles as Sherlock’s parents.

Sherlock and Mycroft visiting their parents

Sherlock and Mycroft visiting their parents

We learn that Sherlock’s mom is brilliant that she had been a mathematician who had a book published.  We also learn that Mary and John had been a bit estranged during this time.  John had decided that he loves Mary and that her past does not matter but her future does because is contains him.  John takes her USB drive that he had not read and throws it into the fire.  Sherlock and Mycroft are outside smoking which they have to hide from their mother because she does not approve.

Shhh, don't tell mom

Shhh, don’t tell mom

Mycroft tells Sherlock there was an M16 mission that he would have been a great assent on but Mycroft could not send him because he would die, it would kill Mycroft to lose his brother.  Sherlock is shocked to hear this information.  When they go back into the house, it is discovered that Sherlock had drugged everyone in the house but John who he takes on a helicopter where they head to Magnussen’s house.

While at Magnussen’s home Sherlock offers to trade Mycroft’s laptop, which contains valuable information for what Magnussen has on Mary.  Unfortunately, all of Magnussen’s information is in his head because he has a memory much like Sherlock’s.

Sorry boys my vault is empty I keep everything in my head

Sorry boys my vault is empty I keep everything in my head

It as interesting to watch Magnussen go through how he found Mary’s information because he has to mime much of what he did in his memory.  Mycroft must have woken up during this time because he shows up at Magnussen’s house with a ton of government agents.  By offering to trade that laptop for information, Sherlock and John were committing high treason.  While standing outside of Magnussen’s home Magnussen taunts Sherlock and John.  Sherlock takes out a gun and shoots Magnussen – I was like what.  Sherlock had to because it was the only want to protect John and Mary.  Myrcroft is in the helicopter yelling at the agents not to shoot his brother.

Sherlock with guns pointed at his head

Sherlock with guns pointed at his head

In a later meeting, Mycroft is doing everything he can to get Sherlock out of jail and put him on trial.  Mycroft reminds them that there will always be a time when they need Sherlock Holmes.  Mycroft convinces them to send Sherlock on the M16 mission that would get him killed.

At an airfield John and Mary say good-bye to Sherlock since he will be leaving.  Sherlock tries to convince John to name the baby after him by telling him his full name.  John says the baby is probably going to be a girl, Sherlock then says that Sherlock is a girl’s name.

Sad Sherlock

Sad Sherlock

Sherlock leaves on the plane and while this is happening all the TV’s are taken over by Moriarty who is asking if people missed him.  Mycroft is shocked to learn this information and he calls Sherlock.  After a quick four-minute trip on the private plane, Sherlock is called back to London to help with a possible Moriarty problem.

Did you miss me?

Did you miss me?

I liked this episode because it had a good amount of WTF moments.  Sherlock having a gf was a shock and was crazy.  Of course, I was not feeling that because well I am all about Irene and Sherlock.  Mary being an assassin was kind of crazy but at the same time I remember thinking that there was something about her when she knew the kind of coded messages had been sent to her in episode 1 of this season.  I was not expecting it to come out that she was some kind of a badass assassin.  I did appreciate Sherlock realizing that Mary could have killed him but she choose not to.  I appreciated Magnussen as a villain; I think he was good for Sherlock because Magnussen was manipulative.  Not to mention Magnussen is creepy crazy not like Joker crazy which is what Moriarty seems like to me.   Of course Moriarty not being dead is a huge moment at the end, but at the same time is seems that they needed something big to bring back Sherlock.  I have to say this was great episode it had a lot of good moment, which was an improvement over the last episode.  As much as I loved Sherlock’s speech and how they did it, the bulk of the episode was the speech.

Until the next series and there is supposed to be a series 4 and 5 according to Moffet.



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