Sleepy Hollow Recap: Season Finale

Sleepy Hollow

It took me about 30 minutes to even start trying to write this after the season finale, because well OMG.  This was definitely one of the best season finales ever.  Lets recap what happened last week, a demon possessed Macey and made her kill a priest, oh and the demon possessed look does not look good on anyone.

This episode starts with Abbie leaving a voice mail on Ichabod’s phone; I must say Ichabod has the nicest voice mail.  Then Ichabod texts Abbie back, he is moving up in the world he can text now and he had to deal with autocorrect.  While Abbie is in her kitchen she finds Andy Brooks sitting on the floor, well hello Andy thanks for stopping by to visit, what news from Moloch do you have to bring.

OK, Andy what do you have to say?

OK, Andy what do you have to say?

Andy basically repeats what they already know which is that Ichabod is supposed to deliver Abbie’s soul to the Moloch.  Andy also makes sure that Abbie knows that he does love her, before he leaves.

Ichabod is playing around with Washington’s bible to decode the secret messages in it.  It is discovered that Washington knew that Ichabod was one of the witnesses – can someone please tell me how he knew this.  Apparently, Washington knew all about the supernatural stuff that was going on, I guess that is how you become President know about all the crazy stuff.   Washington had some magic performed on him when he died to protect him from the evil that was around.  Then he had them resurrect him like 4 days later so that he could exist between worlds and draw the map to purgatory for Ichabod to find in the future.  Can anyone else say Zombie George Washington?  Ichabod does his I am beyond brilliant thing, kinda like Batman and Sherlock Holmes and figures out that the priest who died in the first episode might have some answers.  Naturally when they need help with things that require psychic powers they call in Henry Parish.  Apparently, Ichabod dated Betsy Ross at one point.

Irving is questioned about what happen the night the demon possessed Macey.  Irving later finds out that his daughter is in for questioning and they are taking a DNA sample from her because of the priest and cop that died in the safe house.  We all know that Demon Macey did it, but obviously, the other cops are not going to accept that answer.  Irving naturally asks them how his 13-year-old handicapped daughter was supposed have killed someone.  They don’t care and tell Irving that if his daughter is a match they will arrest her.

Down in the sewers where dead Andy lives, him and Moloch talk.  This causes a bunch of bat to come flying at Andy, which all I can think is run.  The bats form a cocoonish thing around Andy.  We later find out this morphed Andy into a bald creature that really channels Moloch or another demon.  This new Andy, well it’s not his best look, but better than the snapped neck look.

Ichabod, Abbie, and Henry all go to the grave of the priest and they have Henry touch the body of the priest.

At the grave of the priest

At the grave of the priest

He gets a bunch of visions but the beads are cursed so it is hard for him to keep hold.  However, he grabs back on because he wants to help them find the map and free Katrina.  Henry is able to give them some information about that helps them figure out that the map is with Washington’s body.   I swear they are going to get this guy killed with the amount they make him use his psychic powers.  Of course, a bunch of demons come out of the ground to attack them; Ichabod and Abbie beat them off.

The downside with going to visit’s Washington’s grave is that there are 2 different grave sites.   Thanks to Henry’s vision, they know which one to visit.

Searching for Washington's grave

Searching for Washington’s grave

They get to the gravesite and naturally there is more than one possible option, because is can never be that easy.  I naturally thought of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Indy had to figure out which cup was the actual Holy Grail.  Ichabod was able to deduce which one of the graves was Washington’s grave.  Then they walk down a tunnel and the Washington’s stone coffin rolls out, now we are in National Treasure.  They open the stone coffin where Ichabod takes the map from Washington.

Washington's grave

Washington’s grave

Andy decides to visit them in the crypt at this point by jumping down Batman style.  Abbie is able to pull Andy out from his demon-possessed haze long enough for him to beg her to kill him.  Abbie thrust a spear like instrument through Andy’s head and Andy dies…again.  Unfortunately, Andy blocked the only entrance out of the crypt but they are able to find another way out, again National Treasure.  Oh look, Andy is getting back up I guess he is not dead…again.  Abbie, Ichabod, and Henry get out of the crypt as it collapse thus I think actually killing Andy.  Andy had asked Abbie to burn the map; Abbie convinces Ichabod that burning the map is the right thing to do.  As much as Ichabod wants to free Katrina, he burns the map.  I swear I could hear all the Ichabod and Abbie shippers screaming for joy. Last time I checked Ichabod has a photographic memory can’t he just use that ability and memorize the map?

While all of this is going on Irving decides that he is going to do whatever it takes to save his daughter.  Irving turns in his gun and says that he was the one who killed the priest.  The last we see of Irving is him being led away to jail, Irving wins the father of the year award for protecting his daughter.

Ichabod finally uses his photographic memory ability and redraws the map; there was no way he was going to leave his wife in purgatory.  Henry has a dream of Moloch raising the 2nd horseman from the grave.  Then Ichabod finds himself back in the Revolutionary War time and he sees a ginger lady walking by so he follows her thinking that it is Katrina.  The ginger lady is not Katrina, sorry Ichabod not all gingers are your wife.  Ichabod is not dreaming he actually stumbled upon a Revolutionary War reenactment. Ichabod is able to buy clothes, finally he will getting some new clothes that he likes.  Ichabod buys the exact same thing that he has been wearing.  I see Ichabod is going for the Fred Flintstone method of dressing.  Jenny asks Ichabod if this means that he will be getting rid of his coat but Ichabod reuses to let some hipsters ruin his coat why wearing it all wrong.

They group begins to realize that this is the 13th anniversary of the day Abbie and Jenny saw Moloch in the woods.  They think there is a good chance this means that the 2nd horseman is coming.  Ichabod then confesses that he redrew the map from his memory.  Abbie was not happy about this but Ichabod tells her that never planned on using the map without her knowing.  They know they need Katrina to perform the spell to stop the 2nd Horseman from coming.  Abbie tells Jenny to go through all of Corbin’s stuff because there might be something in there that might help them.  Jenny does not like the idea of Abbie going into purgatory because of the prophecy that Ichabod will deliver her soul to Moloch.  Abbie tells Jenny that she cannot live her life being afraid.  Jenny tells Abbie that she better come back or else she will go in there with guns blazed and get her.

Mills sister moment - love these

Mills sister moment – love these

I love these Mills sister moments.  Ichabod uses the phone to find where they need to go; apparently, the map app is working for him this time.  The last time the map app was not working but the social media updates were.  Henry reminds them that purgatory will try to trick them and if they fall for it, they will be stuck there forever.  Abbie and Ichabod say the incantation that will take them into purgatory, the door opens and they walk in hand in hand.  All I could think of was grammar school class trips hold your buddies hand so you don’t get lost.

Henry as he waits

Henry as he waits

Abbie wakes up in Corbin’s cabin with a bump on her head.  Corbin and Andy are both alive and Abbie is on furlough from the FBI because of her injury.  Corbin and Andy do everything that they can to make Abbie feel welcomed and at home.  Before she is about to eat, the food (all I can think is don’t eat it or else you are stuck, I have obviously read too much Greek myths) Abbie remembers when she said that she would love Corbin to not be dead.  Abbie realizes that this is not real and gets taken out of the cabin.

Ichabod in turn is back in England, Ichabod has been offered a professorship at Oxford and Ichabod’s father is proud of him.  Ichabod is enjoying his coming home party and having his father praise.  Ichabod is giving a glass to drink because they want to trap him and there but then, Ichabod remembers that this is not real because it is something that wanted.  Ichabod is taken out of there.  Side note, great casting on Ichabod’s dad Victor Garber was absolutely perfect in that role.

Jenny doing research

Jenny doing research

Jenny is listening to the tapes, which lead her to visit the ruins of the old Trinity Church (which is the church that Katrina gave baby Jeremy too).  Jenny cannot find anything there but finds a sign buried under some leaves.  Jenny grabs the sign and she calls Abbie telling her that Saints Name is the Sign and that she should not trust someone.  The Horseman of death shows up, shoots Jenny’s car, and flips it over.  Jenny is left for dead as the Horseman walks away.

Ichabod and Abbie find themselves surrounded by the lost souls of purgatory.  Abbie is not sure that it is really Ichabod so she asks him to show her that thing she taught him when they had caught the Headless Horseman, the fist bumps makes another appearance.

Abbie and Ichabod in purgatory

Abbie and Ichabod in purgatory

Abbie and Ichabod find the church that Katrina frequents; of course, Katrina is wondering what Ichabod is doing there.  Ichabod says that he came to free her but Katrina will not leave.  Abbie is not having this because they did not come into purgatory for nothing.  Katrina tells them that she can leave but that someone must stay in her place.  Abbie volunteers to say, Ichabod tries to talk her out of it but he cannot.    Good job Ichabod you fulfilled the prophecy.  Ichabod tells Abbie that he vows to get her out and Katrina gives Abbie her pendent that will protect her from Moloch.  Now all the Katrina and Ichabod shippers are screaming for joy.   I guess that Abbie will not be getting Ichabod that phone upgrade. Ichabod and Katrina leave purgatory where they meet Henry who is waiting for them.  Katrina performs the spell over the area where the 2nd Horseman should be.

While in purgatory Abbie runs into Moloch really early on and she fights him like the badass that she is, the necklace also helps.  Abbie runs away and finds herself in the dollhouse that she and her sister had as kids.  In the dollhouse are the kid versions of Abbie and Jenny.  Young Abbie tells older Abbie that she exist because Moloch took part of their memories of that day away.  Older Abbie asks to see the memory, it was of Moloch raising someone out of the coffin.  Abbie freaks out and tries to get out of there but she cannot because she it trapped.

Casting the spell did nothing, which Katrina does not understand.  Then Henry performs some magic and traps Katrina and Ichabod against the tree.  Henry is the 2nd Horseman – War, well that is just great.

SH- Henry the 2nd horseman

That is not all we find out the body that Jenny and Abbie saw Moloch pulling out of the grave was that of Jeremy Crane.  Jeremy’s blood was strong enough to keep him alive so he feed off the vines.  He heard Moloch calling to him, willing to give him salvation, Jeremy considers Moloch to be his father.  When Jeremy got out, he took on the name of first church he saw – Henry Parish.  What Henry is the son of Ichabod and Katrina; I did not see that coming.  The Headless Horseman comes and takes Katrina with him.  Jeremy then buried Ichabod in his coffin.

Ichabod trapped and buried in Jeremy's grave

Ichabod trapped and buried in Jeremy’s grave

At the end, Irving is in jail, Jenny is possibly dead, Abbie is trapped in purgatory, Katrina was taken away by the Headless Horseman, Ichabod is buried alive in his son’s grave, and Henry is really Ichabod’s and Katrina’s son.

The season finale – amazing especially the last 10 minutes, I definitely did not see Henry being the 2nd horseman or him being Ichabod and Katrina’s son.  To leave all the main character’s lives up in the air is crazy.  I was freaking out about this ending for 30 minutes.  I do still have issue with George Washington knowing that Ichabod was a witness that definitely felt like a plot device.  I am not sure how I feel about zombie George Washington, he came back just so he could draw that map.  This episode was channeling National Treasure more so them some of the other ones.  I can’t say that I don’t enjoy the spins on history because I do.  I don’t also want to feel like I am watching something I have already watched before either.  Other than those issues I really enjoyed this episode.  Ichabod and phone technology was amazing.  I always love those Mills sister moments.  Irving really got the dad of the year away by protecting his daughter.  The writers did a great job and they really hit all the major points.

Until the fall,


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  1. Henry being both Jeremy and War was just amazing. My mind was blown. Such an awesome finale. Great recap!

    • christenagarcia

      Thank you I am happy you enjoyed my recap. My mind was definitely blown by that as well. I am plan to pay better attention next season to see if I can pick up on things. Be sure to check back here in the fall because I will be recapping it all next season.

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