Agents of SHIELD recap: The Seed


Lets recap what happened in last weeks episode, well we basically get some idea of what happened to Coulson after his apparent “death”.  All I can say about that is feels, lots of feels.

This episode starts off in the SHIELD academy where some of the students are going into the pool.  While swimming in the pool, a giant sheet of ice starts across the top of the pool.

Student swimming away from the sheet of ice

Student swimming away from the sheet of ice

My first thought was Iceman is at the SHIELD Academy (yes, I know he can’t because of all the legal stuff but hey ice and its marvel – it was a logical jump to).  It did make for a good action scene at the beginning of the show.

In the Bus, Ward, Fitz, Simmons, and Skye are all talking about the SHIELD Academy.  Skye is trying to understand it better since she never attended.  Fitz tells her she would have been recruited to the easiest part of the academy.  Naturally Skye wants to know which part is the hardest to get into, Ward says Operations, Fitz and Simmons say theirs.  There is definitely rivalry between those two sections, it is not surprising since we find out that basically none of the section communicate with each other.  Coulson is hiding in his office looking at the file of his death that Nick Fury had sent over.

Coulson's files

Coulson’s files

We find out that Coulson and May won’t be joining them at the academy.  They instead they will be heading to Mexico to check out a lead that could give them more info into Skye’s past, not that they tell anyone else on the team this.

Ward, Fitz, Simmons, and Skye get to the academy, which causes Ward to make fun of the science division.  That causes Fitz to make fun of Ward’s division.  Fitz and Simmons are whisked off because well they are big shit on campus.

Fitz and Simmons giving their talk

Fitz and Simmons giving their talk

Fitz and Simmons come in to give a talk to the student body, which is actually going very well until Donnie one of the students turns into a block of ice.   Iceman is apparently at the academy (I guess the x-mansion was getting boring) and he doesn’t like Donnie.

Donnie before he was turned into a block of ice

Donnie before he was turned into a block of ice

We find out some great information about Donnie, he is basically super smart and is a stand out much like Fitz and Simmons who were the youngest to graduate.

May and Coulson are chilling in Lola looking for the guy who could give them more information on Skye’s past.

Agent - may, coulson, Lola

May is trying to convince Coulson to stop obsessing about what was in the file and about what happened to him.  May tells him she knew him before and after if she thought there was anything more or anything that needed to be looked into she would help him, but she doesn’t.  Coulson does not want any more secrets, so May tells him that she has been sleeping with Ward.  Right at that moment Coulson sees the guy they are looking for (Agent Lumley).  May jumps out of the car and run after him while Coulson follows along in Lola.  May gets Lumley into the alley where she fights him; this guy must have left SHIELD before May became a thing because seriously fighting her is dumb.

May - seriously your going to fight me

May – seriously you are going to fight me

I will give Lumley credit he does manage to get a hit on May that might be the first time anyone has hit her all season. As Lumley is running up the fire escape to get away, Coulson blocks him by flying up in Lola.  Coulson tells Lumley that they are from SHIELD and Lumley is excited to hear this because he thought they were someone else going after him.  He knows that they are there because of the girl.

Ward, Simmons, and Skye all head down to the boiler room, of course Ward makes fun of the fact that they hang out in the boiler room.  That is until he sees what they have done to it; of course, the nerd kids modified it, there are lights, tables, pool table, and a bar.  Ward is quite jealous because they have nothing like this in Operations.  Skye find out who else was up for the Sandbox (the place you want to go to) in order to find out who might have something against Donnie.  Apparently, Iceman is not up for the Sandbox nor is he actually at the academy.  Skye points him towards a girl playing pool; Ward goes over to make friends with her.

Ward befriending SHIELD student and fake Katniss

Ward befriending SHIELD student aka fake Katniss

Well this girl happens to be fake Katniss from Starving Games the horrible Hunger Games spoof – if you have not seen it check out my previous blog post about it before seeing it.  Fitz on the other hand was sent off to talk to Donnie.  Donnie is doing the loner thing in his room.  Fitz reaches out to Donnie by basically telling him that he was like him, he hated the school but it all changed when he made a friend.  Fitz notices Donnie’s ideas along the wall, Donnie shows Fitz his idea for something else that he cannot get to work.  Fitz being the helpful person that he is tells him how to fix it.  Back in the boiler room, Ward continues to talk to the girl who basically tells them that Donnie and Seth have been talking to each other about how Fitz was coming to the school.  They are both huge Leo Fitz fans.  Fitz was never supposed to come to the school until this happened….oh no they are the ones who have been freezing everyone.  Simmons calls Fitz to make sure he is all right, Fitz then realizes that Donnie was trying to create basically an ice gun.  Fitz goes running towards Donnie’s room to confront him only to be hit in the head with an air gun by Seth.

Agent Lumley

Agent Lumley

Coulson and May are talking to Lumley, they find out that him and his partner had been called in to investigate a 0-8-4.  When they get there, an entire Chinese village was dead and so were various SHIELD agents.  They had all died to protect Skye who is considered to be the 0-8-4.  Wasn’t an 0-8-4 an alien or unidentified object in the second episode? Lumley’s partner took her from a dead agents arm and then took her to an orphanage.  From there Skye was bounced around different foster homes to protect her, Lumley’s partner was killed by people trying to find Skye.  May begs Coulson to not tell Skye any of this information.

Donnie and Seth have been working for Ian Quinn who we have not seen since Skye infiltrated his home while undercover for SHIELD.  Seth calls Quinn telling him that they have been discovered.  Quinn is not happy to hear this and convinces Seth to turn on the machine so he can see what it does.  Seth then peer pressures Donnie who is not sure about turning on the machine to do it otherwise Quinn won’t give them the money.  Donnie does it, (note peer pressure sucks) but it is a waste because Quinn had already decided to turn his plane back around and give up on the boys.

Skye and Simmons are on the plane; Skye confronts Coulson about why he is ignoring her.  Coulson then tell Skye about everything he had discovered causing Skye to cry.  Coulson’s only way to comfort her is to touch her cheek.  This caused a lot of feels for Skye.

The machine Donnie has created caused a massive ice storm around the school.  Ward, who was chilling in the basement the whole time, tries to go outside but the storm was too much.

Coulson and Skye in the plane after Coulson tell her about her past

Coulson and Skye in the plane after Coulson tell her about her past

May decides to fly into the storm since the only way in is through the eye of the storm.  Donnie tries to turn off the machine because is it causing way too much damage but the machine explodes throwing him and Seth back.  May wins the pilot of the year award by flying the plane into the storm without killing anyone.  The team runs out and grabs both Donnie and Seth and then flies out of there.  Seth sustained horrible trauma to the head.  While Simmons does her, best to save him Coulson calls it.  Donnie now has to deal with the fact that he killed his only friend.

Donnie is being shipped off to the Sandbox but not as a scientist but for observation.  May confronts Coulson about telling Skye about her past but Coulson tells her that Skye took it very well.  Instead of it, destroying her she actually said that she was wrong about thinking no one wanted her; this whole time she had a SHIELD family watching her.  Skye visits the wall of fallen agents to say good-bye to Lumley’s partner.

While Donnie is being taken over to the Sandbox, we discover that he can create ice from his finger.  Again, I go to Iceman, but since this is Avengers he has to be Blizzard – I foresee a future villain.

Bizzard aka Donnie

Bizzard aka Donnie

Coulson calls Quinn to tell him that he knows what he was up to and that he should stop because SHIELD is after him.  Quinn just tells Coulson that the Clairvoyant tell him hello.

This was another good episode of SHIELD, I enjoyed finding out more about the SHIELD Academy.  It was great to see who popular Fitz and Simmons are now.  Of course, it was great to see Ward being all Operations pride.  I am happy that Coulson did not keep Skye’s past from her.  It was really great to see that maturity in her character.  She really took that great, I don’t think I would have taken that as well as her.  I do have a question about the whole ice storm thing the machine broke.  Wouldn’t that mean the storm just keeps going, there was no mention of how they stopped it.  It is just disappear because if that is what happened then I think we found the cause of the polar vortex.  I guess we just accept that broken machine means the storm eventually stops.

Well join me again in a few weeks when I will recap the next episode of SHIELD.  I am very excited for this episode because it will have special guest star Stan Lee.


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