Sleepy Hollow Recap: The Vessel

Sleepy Hollow

Here is a recap of yesterday’s episode of Sleepy Hollow.  For one I have to say I am happy to see Sleepy Hollow again after the long hiatus.  A lot has been going on over the last few episodes, which includes the discovery that Ichabod had a kid and that this kid had such powerful magic that he had to be killed.  Moloch telling Ichabod that he would deliver Abbie’s soul to him.

I have to say this week’s episode starts off great with Ichabod finally wearing some new clothes.  We have all been wanting Ichabod to put on some new clothes, well it has to be a lot to keep up with cleaning the same clothes all the time.  Ichabod in skinny jeans, while I am normally not a fan of them on guys he pulls them off amazingly.

Ichabod in skinny jeans

Ichabod in skinny jeans

Of course, this does not last long and Ichabod has to change back into his “normal” clothes.  Abbie and Ichabod continue to do what they can to find out how Moloch is going to take Abbie’s soul.

Over at police station, Irving is having that poor hot chocolate vendor from last weeks episode questioned and got through a polygraph.  Irving cannot understand why the vendor does not remember saying what he said, well that might have something to do with that fact that the demon jumps people.  The demon continues jumping people until it is a cop, who calls Irving to let him know that he will be coming for Macey’s soul.  Of course, Irving goes crazy and attacks the cop but the demon has jumped people by then.  I have to say this demon is super stalking Irving.

Irving calls Abbie and Ichabod because one they are pretty much in charge of all things paranormal but also because the demon wants Washington’s bible the same bible that Katrina conveniently buried with Ichabod.  Ichabod and Abbie gain some time to find a way to exorcise the demon.  In an attempt to discover more about, the demon they go through Corbin’s old files/videos.  While they find a video that will give them the answer, unfortunately it contains Jenny – Abbie’s sister.

Irving being the smart man that he thinks he is puts his family in a safe house.  I will give him credit he even brings a priest in to guard the house from the demon entering.  That would have been a great idea, except that the demon possessed another cop who happened to have a buddy with him.  Demon Cop, basically gets his none demon possessed buddy to remove the salt that is in front of the door, then kills him, and then goes into the house.  Well Irving that was a really great attempt right there, but you failed.

Ichabod and Abbie being the respectful people that they are called in Jenny and refuse to watch the video without her there.  The video was creepy, Jenny was creepy while possessed and well the possessed look does not look good on anyone.

Demon Jenny

Demon Jenny

Jenny leaves because it is all too much for her because she does not remember any of this.  Ichabod happens to go outside and sees Jenny sitting in the car.  They have a moment, during that time Ichabod finds out that the demon would tell Jenny that she would kill her sister.  Jenny would do whatever she could to be locked back up in order to save her sister’s life.  Ichabod convinces Jenny to help because they do not want Macey do go through what she did.  They go back through the video again, and Ichabod gets excited because he learned how to use the pause button on the remote.  Oh, how I love Ichabod and modern technology.  They did discover that salt keeps the demon back.  Jenny’s brain kicks in and she remembers that sometimes demons talk backwards so Abbie plays the recording backwards.  I have to say that the demon doesn’t sound any less creepy backwards then he did forward.  Of course Ichabod can understand the ancient language that the demon is speaking, Abbie then looks up the demon, which gives them the answers to destroy them.  Ichabod remembers that France gave Benjamin Franklin some of the lanterns needed to contain the demon.  France in an effort to help us with the Revolutionary War gave us some demon possessing lanterns.  As luck would have it, Jenny helped a group of people procure one of those lanterns so she knows where to find one.

Irving steps out of the safe house for a moment to check in with Abbie and Irving about how things are going.

Irving checking in on things

Irving checking in on things

Well that was a bad idea because Demon Cop goes into the room with Macey.  Then Demon Cop calls Irving to let him know that time is up.  Irving runs as fast as he can but the demon has possessed Macey.  I will say it again no one looks good demon possessed.  Then they have a few scenes of creepy Demon Macey – these scenes make me not want to see the Exorcist movies.  Irving does send in the priest to exorcise the demon – which is a great idea until Demon Macey kills him.  Demon Macey is super creepy I mean really creepy, like nightmare creepy.  When Cynthia comes down to see what is going on Demon Macey grabs a hold of her and threatens to kill her.  Irving then calls Abbie and Ichabod to find out where the bible is because he needs to give it to the demon.

Abbie, Ichabod, and Jenny arrive at the place where the lantern is being held, Ichabod and Abbie go in while Jenny tells them how to get past the security cameras.  Jenny and Abbie bond over who can pick locks the fastest, if that is not sisterly bonding then I don’t know what is.  Abbie and Ichabod go looking for the lantern, which happens to be hidden high up, taller, then Ichabod high.  On the way out of the place Abbie and Ichabod run into the guys who own the collection, these people are so happy to see them that they point guns at them.

Our lantern please do not take thank you

Our lantern please do not take thank you

These guys are basically trying to stop the apocalypse from happening which is great, Sleepy Hollow needs all the help it can get in that department but creepy Demon Macey needs to be exorcised like right now.  Ichabod does his best to convince these very nice gentlemen holding guns at them to let them take the lantern to save a little girls life.  It doesn’t work, but Ichabod gets an A for attempt.  Luck for them Jenny shows up standing on top of the car with guns pointed at the guys telling them that they will give them back the lantern but they need to take it.

Badass Jenny

Badass Jenny

Extra lucky for them the guys have a soft spot for Jenny and that she is the best shot so they let them go.  Jenny lets Abbie know that while Abbie can get in the fastest (reference to her picking the lock) that she (Jenny) can get out the fastest.

Irving is at Ichabod’s cabin trying to find the Washington’s bible since that is what Demon Macey wants.  Then Irving remembers that for a brief moment Macey said Daddy while possessed by the demon.  Irving has a moment where he does the father daughter bonding, which works until the wife jumps in, and then the demon goes back into control.  Also apparently, the longer the demon controls you the more demonic you being to look, because wow does Macey look demonic by this point.  Jenny shows up causing the demon to taunt her about wanting to kill her sister.  Abbie comings in being all like look mister demon leave my sister alone.

Abbie is super unimpressed with this demon

Abbie is super unimpressed with this demon

Then Abbie taunts the demon into trying to attack her, which work because the demon gets all up in her face and then trapped by the salt.  Ichabod comes in knowing exactly what to say to trap the demon into the lantern.

Ichabod trapping the demon

Ichabod trapping the demon

The demon leaves Macey who has no idea where she, also the demon made her float so she doesn’t have her wheelchair.  The Irving family is happy to have a non-creepy demon possessed daughter again.

The usual Abbie and Ichabod end of the episode bonding moment happens, is it any wonder why people are shipping this couple hard-core.  (I personally have not made my choice between Abbie and Katrina yet).  After Ichabod squirts himself in the face with the lemon juice, we find out he putting together a liquid to show invisible ink.  There is a secret message written in Washington’s bible any one else thinking National Treasure here.  In addition, Ichabod was able to smell the kind of invisible ink that was used.  Ichabod brings the secret message out of the books, which has a date written in it.  That would not be a big deal but the date was written in Washington handwriting, which would not have been an issue except that the date was 4 days after he died.  In case the episode was not creepy enough lets add to it.

Well this was a great episode of Sleepy Hollow; I would have to say the creepiest one to date.  I did enjoy all family bonding that was put into the episode as a subset.  Irving realizing how strong his daughter really is.  Abbie realizing how much Jenny really cares for her.  It was a great episode to watch, what made it even better was that it still gave background information that was pertinent to the story line.  It was also nice to see something that did not have to do with Katrina and the baby.  I still have not made up my mind about Katrina; I know a lot of people hate her.  It was also great to see how badass the Mills sisters are.  This episode pretty much taught everyone to not mess with them.  I can safely say that this is one of my favorite episodes of Sleepy Hollow.

Until next week when we have the 2 hour season finale, tear, I am definitely sad to see the show go.


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