Agents of SHIELD Recap: A Magical Place

Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D recap


Let’s recap what happened on this weeks episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, we as we know from last week Agent Coulson was kidnapped and no one knows what happened to Mike Peterson.

The episode starts with an apparently alien artifact being sold to Centipede.  Since they have Agent Coulson naturally Agent Ward and Agent May come into the scene very dramatically and start punching and kicking everything.  Victoria Hand shows up and pretty much tells the guy selling the artifact that he is coming with them.

Look at me, I'm Victoria Hand

Look at me, I’m Victoria Hand

I don’t know about the rest of you but Victoria Hand does not scare me.  I kinda want to punch her in the face.

Back on the plane, Victoria Hand is ordering people around as if it is her plane.  Ward and May are good agents who are trained to respect authority so they let it happen.  Naturally, Skye is not all right with this and does some hacking into SHIELD, which sets off the alarms on the plane.  Victoria yells at Skye and tells her that she is done and off the plane.  Ward naturally tries to stop this but when May is asked she tell Victoria, that Skye is of no use on the plane.  Really, May why do you have to be like that?  Skye is told that she will be debriefed and she is done.  Fitz, Simmons, and Ward are not having any of this; they give her a “sandwich” aka a device that will stop her bracelet and let her hack just once and let her know that she has 15 min to get off the plane.  On her way out Skye says, “Don’t touch Lola,” to the guy trying to touch Lola.  It’s nice to see that the team protects Coulson’s car even when he is not there.

We see that Agent Coulson is alive with not a whole lot of damage to him.  Po keep trying to use this machine induce his memories.

Coulson in the memory inducing machine

Coulson in the memory inducing machine

Of course Coulson is stubborn and tough so he doesn’t give in.  Unfortunately, that involves the use of a taser like device and the hard way.  When Coulson is brought back to his room, well he doesn’t look as good.  He does manage to steal an instrument that will help him cut through his ropes and escape.  Coulson gets outside, yay he is free – only to discover that he is on a deserted western movie set (not really but that’s what it looks like) and the bad guy is waiting for him.

Skye after being kicked off the plane, she tries to hack into SHIELD through a public computer.  Of course, that doesn’t go well because SHIELD blocks her and all the other computers at the café.  Skye leaves in her big FBI looking truck (it seriously looks like the one Booth drives on Bones), then remembers the guys who’s info she was hacking before can help her so she crashes the car and makes On Star take her to his house.  Skye breaks into the house, calls the guy’s job and tells them that there is a break in and the cops need to question him.  She uses that time to put on her SHIELD outfit.  Once the guy gets there, she tells him that she is Agent May and uses the knowledge on him to get him to do what she wants.

Skye pretending to be Agent May

Skye pretending to be Agent May

Victoria Hand had sent one of her best guys in to break the guy who was selling the alien artifact but her guy failed.  Naturally, Ward went in, apparently Simmons and Fitz have modified the plane so that part of the roof of the interrogation room can open and make someone fly out.  Well that happens to be a good interrogation move, it was really funny seeing Fitz and Simmons do rock, paper, scissors to see who got to activate it.  Naturally, Victoria Hand is not happy about this or the fact that Skye never showed up for her debriefing.

Back where Coulson is being hostage, they are using the taser on him again.  Apparently, the Clairvoyant who is controlling everything cannot see how they saved Agent Coulson.  (I personally think it would be awesome if the Clairvoyant turns out to be Stan Lee since he is supposed to do a guest appearance).  Raina happens to be there is her floral dress, because that is all she wears.

Po and Rania

Po and Rania

Well Po talks to the Clairvoyant over the phone who then apparently asks to speak Raina.  Well apparently, the Clairvoyant agrees with Raina who hands the phone back to Po, who is then killed over the phone.  I have to say killing someone over the phone is pretty impressive.  Now Raina is in charge of trying to get the information from Coulson.  She uses a different technique – feelings.  She is such a manipulative female.  Raina tells Coulson how the girl he loved not only loved him back but that she cried for days after being told that he was dead.  How it is horrible that SHIELD is lying to her and to him.  Coulson agrees to go back into the machine and let it work.  Really, Coulson, feelings is what gets you.

Coulson having all the feels

Coulson having all the feels

Skye has gotten the guy to do what she wants him to do, but before that happens basically rent a cops show up and threaten arrest/shoot Skye.  Well being on the plane and training with Ward paid off because Skye takes out the cops and ties them up.  I must say she does a great impression of being a badass SHIELD agent.  The guy gets the information that is needed.  Skye calls up Simmons.

We learned earlier in the episode that May is not a cold-hearted bitch, because she did not send Skye off the plane because she does not like her.  She did it because she knows that she does more good when she works under the radar.

The team talking before Skye's phone call

The team talking before Skye’s phone call

When Simmons gets the phone call from Skye, she can’t let anyone know that it is Skye because of the extra agents there.  Lucky for them that they created a safe word that Simmons uses which causes May to kick everyone out of the room.  May takes the phone to find out what Skye knows.  Ward tells Victoria what Skye found out that, Victoria doesn’t want to go.  Ward tells her that she doesn’t have to, but they him, May, Fitz and Simmons are all going after Coulson.

Coulson is back in the machine and this time it is working, he is managing to see past the images of Tahiti (which turns out to not be a magical place).

Tahiti is not so magical

Tahiti is not so magical

We see a room with doctors (one of which happens to be the preacher from firefly) and a lot of bloody utensils.  Preacher/Doctor is against what they are doing to Coulson who is begging for them to kill him.  The top of his head is open and there is a spider machine poking at this brain.

Poor Coulson he was awake during this....feels

Poor Coulson he was awake during this….feels

This part of the show had all the feels while watching it.  Coulson does manage to lie to Raina telling her that he sees only black.  I am beginning to think that Black Widow teaching the how to manipulate people course at SHIELD.

Skye shows up at the deserted western movie lot first in a car she borrowed from the guy.  Of course, she is spotted but she has nothing to worry about because Ward, May, Simmons and Fitz hit him with a car.


Ward goes off to hit some people (I swear he likes hitting people) while May and Skye look for Coulson.  Skye finds Coulson who is begging to die, when Raina tries to stop Skye, Skye punches her.  Skye turns off the machine, which causes Coulson to come back to reality.

Everyone welcomes Coulson back on the plane with no hugs.  Victoria Hand welcomes him back by basically saying that she can’t stand the plane.  I should also mention that Victoria Hand spent most of the episode complaining that she does not understand what the big deal is about one agent.  It Coulson and Nick Fury loves him (Nick Fury and Robin Scherbatsky, I mean Captain Hill, have been asking for updates).  Since Coulson knows none of this, he thanks her for her help.  Coulson also thanks Skye for her help since he was told all that she did for him and he takes the bracelet off her.

The Preacher- I mean the Doctor

The Preacher- I mean the Doctor

We see preacher/doctor get into his car only to be startled by Coulson in the back seat of the car.  I see that Coulson wanted to do the creepy thing again.  Preacher/Doctor basically tells Coulson that he had been dead for days but that Nick Fury would not let him die.  By the time he was brought in, they were on the 7th surgery and unfortunately they had to keep him conscience to figure out how to save him.  They gave him the memory of Tahiti in order for him to become the person that he was before.  He had lost the will to live, again all the feels.

Mike Peterson when we last saw him

Mike Peterson when we last saw him

In the bonus scene we see Mike Peterson who we were told had been killed in the explosion.  Well he is not dead, he is burned and missing a leg but he is alive and unfortunately back in the control of Centipede.

I liked the episode, it if definitely one of my favorites.  I always love it when the team bands together.  I also love it when the team doesn’t listen to Victoria Hand.  I really enjoyed Skye acting all tough and like a SHIELD agent.  I love it when they show her caring about the team.  I wish we had found out more about what happened to Coulson but if we found out all at once that would take some of the anticipation away.  I do have to say it gave me a lot of feels, because I hated seeing what they did to Coulson.

Join me next we as we uncover more about what happened to Agent Coulson.  We find out what they have been hiding about Skye’s past.  The team also visits the SHIELD academy in next week’s episode.



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